There is nothing like coming home to an outpouring of unconditional love and affection from a pet. Even when you’ve had a bad day, and it’s raining outside, a pet is always there to greet you with love when you get home. Whether it’s through the medium of a sloppy kiss from your dog or a sweet purr from your cat, pets can’t help but add joy to our lives. They’re just magical little happiness ambassadors. If you’re thinking of adding a happiness ambassador to your family, why not go for pet adoption through one of the amazing animal rescue organisations in Hong Kong?

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Before cat or dog adoption, it’s essential to consider whether you’re able to handle the responsibility of a pet. Pets are lovely and sweet and adorable, but they also take commitment on the part of their owners. It is a shame to think that some of these animals are actually returned to shelters or abandoned because their adoptive families weren’t adequately prepared for pet ownership.

It’s also important to adopt for your lifestyle, not for aesthetics. You might love the look of a border collie or Great Dane, but as some of the most active dog breeds, you need to consider whether you’re regularly active enough to provide them with the fulfilling exercise they need to live happily.

Dog adoption

Catherine’s Puppies — Sai Kung

catherine's puppies

Catherine, who was named Sai Kung’s Person of the Year in 2018, founded and runs Catherine’s Puppies. They are a small rescue dog shelter, known for their adorable puppies that get adopted very quickly!

Be sure to follow them on social media if you’re looking to adopt a furry baby to join your family. 

Contact: +852 6799 7530 (Whatsapp only) or

HK Homeless Dog Shelter — Fanling

hk homeless dog shelter

The owner and founder of this shelter, Angela Chan, moved to New Territories after retiring as a flight attendant instructor for a major airline in Hong Kong.

Seeing the number of stray dogs in the area, she decided to establish this charity. They have homed 400+ dogs since they were founded! 


Guard For Stray Welfare Association — Kam Tin

Guard For Stray Welfare Association

GFSWA is a not-for-profit organisation that helps find forever homes for dogs and puppies in Hong Kong.

They aim to help the local tong gaus (Hong Kong mongrels) with their medical needs before finding them new homes.

Contact: +852 6166 6106 or 

Hong Kong Dog Rescue — Ap Lei Chau and Tai Po


One of the most well-known dog rescues and shelters in Hong Kong, HKDR has two shelters, Ap Lei Chau that has the smaller dogs and puppies, and Tai Po, which hosts their larger dogs.

With over 600 dogs currently in their care, they will have the perfect dog that you are looking for!


Kelly Animal Shelter — Lau Fau Shan

Kelly Tse established Kelly Animal Shelter, with their slogan, “Saving A Life Will Change Yours”. With her own savings, and financial support from her friends, she built the kennel at Lau Fau Shan, aiming to save the abandoned animals in Hong Kong.

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Currently Kelly provides safe home for more than 200 dogs that are looking for homes.

Contact: +852 9775 5530 or



Dog adoption centre Pawmiseland was started in 2016 by Erica Chan when she and her team found two abandoned mothers and almost a dozen puppies in a terrible environment, infested with rats, snakes, and insects.

Since then Pawmiseland has helped home many dogs, and they truly believe that it is man’s duty to help animals, in particular dogs.

Contact: +852 6878 8978 (WhatsApp)

Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter — Yuen Long

hong kong paws guardian

Hong Kong Paws Guardian is a nonprofit organisation that helps dogs. It has four key programs: fostering, adoption, sponsorship (paying for the upkeep of a specific dog) and donation for medical emergencies.

They are also always looking for volunteers for daily on-site work, dog walking, emergency rescue, fostering, and event organisation.

Contact: +852 6999 4227 or

Rescue Centre for Abandoned Pets — Lau Fau Shan

Rescue Centre for Abandoned Pets

The volunteers for RCAP have been working to help the dogs of Hong Kong since 1995, and in 2006 they formally established their dog adoption centre.

Their many dogs enjoy the shelter in Lau Fau Shan, New Territories, but they are all looking for furever homes!

Contact: +852 2383 5553

Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation — Sai Kung

Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation

Along with the shelter, they also have a meals-on-wheels program and run TNR operations to reduce the number of strays. There are over a 100 dogs at the shelter looking for a home!

The volunteers at SKSFF are a group dedicated to rescuing stray, abandoned, sick and injured dogs and providing them with medical care and rehabilitation.

Contact: +852 9199 2340 or

Tobby’s Friend Adoption

Tobby's Friends Adoption

Tobby’s Friend is dedicated to helping the overlooked dogs, specifically the older and sick local Hong Kong mongrels.

Along with adoption services, they also provide a Senior Buddies Workshop, that helps teach humans how to help these older dogs specifically with alternative treatments. 

Contact: +852 5226 0801 (WhatsApp) or

Villa Kunterbunt Lantau — Lantau

Villa Kunterbunt Lantau

Villa Kunterbunt means “House of Variety” in German, and they help rescue and re-home dogs and puppies of all breeds and ages.

Along with a wonderful shelter in Lantau that holds most of their rescues, VKB also has a wonderful set of fosters that care for their dogs while they wait for adoption. 

Contact: +852 9544 9181 or

Home for Homeless Dog — Tai Po

Home for Homeless Dog (HFHD) is located in Tai Po and is dedicated to finding pawrents to senior dogs.

They currently have between 30 and 40 senior dogs who are looking for their forever homes.

Contact: +852 9195 5900 or

Dog and cat adoption

Hong Kong Paws — Discovery Bay

Hong Kong Paws

HK Paws aims to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and to reduce the large number of dogs and cats that are abused or abandoned every day.

Hong Kong Paws Foundation (HK Paws) is operated on a 100% voluntary basis that helps rehome all the kitties and puppies that they receive.

Contact: +852 9485 5188 or

HKSCDA — Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long

Hong Kong Saving Cats and Dogs

Established in 2007, HKSCDA is committed to providing food, medical care, sterilization, and adoption services for stray cats and dogs.

Their incredible set of volunteers that do house visits before adoption have helped home thousands of cats and dogs! They have a cat shelter in Tsuen Wan and a dog shelter in Yuen Long.

Contact: +852 9864 1089 or

House of Joy and Mercy — Ma On Kong

House of Joy and Mercy

The House of Joy and Mercy takes in and provides temporary care for the injured, weak, pregnant, and old dogs and cats.

They also help find forever homes for these animals, and often the kittens or puppies of the pregnant animals.

Contact: +852 9619 8780 or

LAP— Tsuen Wan and Sai Yin Pun

LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection)

LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection) exists to help animals in Hong Kong to find a warm home.

One project to promote adoption is a partnership with the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers, where the interaction helps both the men and the dogs.

Contact: +852 6477 1492 or

Love Adopt Animal Society — Sai Kung

Love Adopt Animal Society

LAAS has two key missions: to rescue homeless and abandoned animals and find them their forever homes, and to promote the correct concept of owning domestic animals and its responsibilities through positive education.

Their Sai Kung shelter usually has about 25 animals there.

Contact: +852 6162 9870 or

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Love Fluffy Home

Love Fluffy Home

Established in 2018, Love Fluffy Home is an dog and cat adoption organisation that deals with all aspects of animal welfare and protection of animal rights. 

They aim to prevent animal suffering, drive positive changes with the objective of protecting, rescuing, and saving lives, re-home animals in their best interest.


Maison De Charlotte — Yuen Long

Maison De Charlotte

Over the last 25 years, owner and founder, Miss Chen Huizhen has rescued countless cats and dogs and helped provide them homes.

Their shelter in Yuen Long currently has over 190 furry babies, all looking for their furever home.

Contact: +852 6466 9306 or

Paws United Charity — Repulse Bay

Paws United Charity

With their mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals in Hong Kong, the volunteer run organisation is working hard to improve the lives of their rescues.

They have a cat adoption and dog adoption centre in Repulse Bay that you can visit between 11am-6pm every day!

Contact: +852 9130 2919 or

Society for Abandoned Animals — Yuen Long

Society for Abandoned Animals

Over the last 2 decades, their key aim is to help re-home these animals, but they also help provide animal blood to pet owners as well as medical services in their “Animal Medical Centre”.

Additionally, they organize public education activities as well as visiting individuals in need such as the elderly and handicapped.  

Contact: +852 2838 0633 or

Team for Animals in Lantau South (TAILS) — Lantau

Team for Animals in Lantau South (TAILS)

TAILS has an exceptional and dedicated team of volunteers, including a certified veterinarian nurse, a canine behaviorist, and a registered veterinary surgeon. Thus, they are able to provide full medical and rehabilitation services.

Their adorable dogs and cats spend time at fosters before they’re ready for adoption!

Contact: +852 6464 2908 or

Cat adoption

Cat Society Hong Kong — To Kwa Wan

cat society hong kong logo

Elaine Chan and Lian Ma started Cat Society in 2007, which helps to home and neuter stray cats that have been abandoned because they’re elderly, sick, or physically handicapped. They welcome volunteers to help care for the group of cats they house and provide medical care for in their To Kwa Wan shelter.

If you’re unable to adopt a cat, you can also donate HK$100 per month to sponsor a cat and receive monthly updates and pictures!


Dogs, cats, and small animal adoption

Kirsten’s Zoo — Wan Chai

Kirsten’s Zoo logo

Kirsten’s Zoo has a cat sanctuary but most of their animals in their care are in foster care, and therefore find it easier to make a transition to their permanent home.

Along with dogs and cats, Kirsten’s zoo has also helped home small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, and even a leopard gecko!

Contact: +852 5595 1933 or


SPCA Hong Kong

Since 1903, the SPCA has helped animals through a variety of services including rescue and re-homing, medical treatment, sterilization, conducting investigations into animal cruelty cases, and lobbying to improve the animal protection laws in Hong Kong.

You can visit the animal rescue’s many branches across Hong Kong to meet the animals available for adoption.

Contact: +852 2802 0501

Whiskers N Paws — Ap Lei Chau

Whiskers N Paws

Whiskers N Paws is your one stop shop for all things pet-related.

While they are best known for their retail store, they also have grooming services, a café, AND they partner with animal rescues to help pet adoption!

Their huge store in Ap Lei Chau often has puppies from HKDR, cats from LAP and small animals from SPCA. 

Contact: +852 2552 6200 (call), +852 9696 6200 (WhatsApp), or

Reptile, amphibian, rabbit, or bird adoption

Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation — Kwun Tong

Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation

HERP is the first registered charity that advocates for the rights of amphibians and reptiles.

Since 2004, they have helped +2300 animals, including snakes, turtles and lizards. They also host a variety of educational events to promote awareness and conservation of endangered species. They also provide information for adopters about how to care for their animals.

Contact: +852 2751 3533 or

Hong Kong Reptile and Amphibian Society

Hong Kong Reptile and Amphibian Society

The HKRAS is a non-profit animal rescue organisation devoted to reptiles (snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, etc) and amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, caecillians).

They have also helped arthropods (such as spiders, scorpions, insects), mammals (such as ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, skunks, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, rodents), birds, and fish.


Hong Kong Rabbit Society — Mong Kok

Hong Kong Rabbit Society

Rabbits are the third most neglected animals in Hong Kong, after dogs and cats. Thus HKRS provides a full range of services, including receiving and re-homing abandoned rabbits, sterilization, medical care, training, and even grooming. 

You can visit their centre in Mong Kok to meet the rabbits, and also buy the relevant merchandise to support their operations.

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Contact: +852 3580 0050 or

Hong Kong Bird Shelter and Rescue — Lantau

Hong Kong Bird Shelter and Rescue

As most pet birds in Hong Kong are not indigenous to the region and cannot be released into the wild, HK Bird Shelter and Rescue provides them with a safe and secure environment when they are abandoned.

They are mostly a shelter that keeps the birds, but they occasionally have birds for adoption.

Contact: +852 9220 6365 or

FAQ about pet adoption in Hong Kong

Why adopt a pet?

As Hong Kong PAWS Foundation (PAWS) states on its website, “Adopt an Animal, Save a Life”. According to a representative from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), approximately 7,000 dogs are put to sleep every year in Hong Kong. And that’s just the dogs. Unfortunately, there are thousands of homeless, abandoned, lonely animals living in Hong Kong. These cats, dogs, hamsters, and other animals are typically picked up by the Agricultural and Fisheries Department before they are euthanized.

That’s where the rescue organisations step in. They rescue these beautiful creatures and give them a second chance at life. They make a commitment to care for the animals and to attempt to find them a permanent, loving home.

Am I comfortable with the costs associated with adding a pet to my family?

Apart from the “re-homing fee” (cost of adopting your pet), make sure you research the cost of de-sexing and vaccinating your new pet. You will also want to research everyday costs associated with cat/dog ownership like food, training, grooming, flea and tick prevention, toys, beds, etc. Also be prepared for the cost of emergency vet services if your little guy or girl falls ill or suffers an injury.

Do I need permission from my landlord?

Some landlords do not allow pets, so, make sure you secure permission from your landlord or building management before beginning the adoption process.

Will a pet fit into my family?

Do you have children? Do any of them have pet allergies? Do you have other animals in your home? If you have a helper, are they comfortable around animals? Think about how an animal will fit into your family in the long term. Consider bringing your child and/or other pet along with you to meet your potential new cat or dog.

Sit down and discuss the addition of a pet as a family to make sure everyone is on board with the decision.

What sort of animal is right for me?

Are you looking for a cat or a dog? Does your lifestyle suit a larger animal or a smaller one? Are you looking for an animal that is housetrained like a cat or an animal you can take hiking with you like a dog?

Keep in mind that size doesn’t necessarily predict activity level. Some small dogs like poodles are quite lively and need a lot of exercise, while some bigger dogs like bulldogs are more sedentary.

Also, keep in mind that puppies and kittens will grow.

Am I planning to relocate?

Make sure you are willing to adopt your new happiness ambassador for life.
Too many pets wind up back in shelters when their families decide to move out of Hong Kong… likely at an age which makes them less appealing to potential adoptive families. If you plan to relocate in the future, make sure you are prepared to take your new buddy with you.

When should I adopt an animal?

Why not now? If you’ve carefully considered the responsibilities associated with adopting a pet and feel that you are prepared for pet ownership, get the adoption process started! With so many wonderful animals up for adoption, there’s no use in waiting.

Where to start?

While all of this can be a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, we have some amazing resources that can help you with your adoption journey!

One Facebook and Instagram page to follow is, as they collate information from all the above organisations to provide a platform to help people adopt dogs and cats.

You can also follow specific groups, if you’re looking to adopt a dog of a specific breed, or a black cat or dog.

Hong Kong has an incredible dog community, especially ones that support adoption. You can join the group Hong Kong Dog Owners,  which shares great information about all things dogs in Hong Kong! There is also a Hong Kong Pet Owners group, which includes information about dogs as well as cats.

Header image credits: Victor Grabarczyk via Unsplash

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