Artist and choreographer Maria Hassabi will hold her first solo exhibition in AsiaMaria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror, at Tai Kwun Contemporary from 13 October to 26 November. 

The Cyprus-born artist’s exhibition will feature live installations that explore the sculptural body, image-making, and the deceleration of time. 

Comprising elements of performance, sound, photography, and painting, the exhibition includes works newly commissioned for Tai Kwun’s architectural environment.

A performer wearing multi-coloured clothing in a variety of patterns and fabrics -- plaid, stripes, and denim -- walks across a striped pink carpet.
A performer during a live installation of Maria’s Hassabi’s works (© Maria Hassabi)

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror gravitates around the production and transmission of image through the usage of mirrors dressed in gold. It plays with the myriad meanings and representations of gold in ancient and contemporary myths — as a colour in divination, as a symbolic representation of capitalism, or even a kitsch sample from pop culture. 

The paradox between the immutability of gold and the shifting perceptions of its representation echoes the tensions in Hassabi’s practice — between subjects and objects, dance and sculpture, the live body and still images, the spectacular, and the everyday.

The exhibition is constructed by durational performances that run daily from 11am-7pm from Tuesdays to Sundays, performed by dancers from Hong Kong and around the world. The artist will also be present in the exhibition for the first half of the exhibition period. 

A conversation with the artist will take place in October, and Tai Kwun Contemporary will also host a series of public programmes during the course of the exhibition.

Header image credits: Maria Hassabi

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