Cold weather in Hong Kong is synonymous with hotpot, or da bin lou (打边炉), as it’s known in Cantonese. The sharing of this comfort meal with friends and family is a tradition in Hong Kong, as you get to enjoy extended social time while relishing the various flavours and bases. Unlike in Japan or Taiwan where the rich soup base is the star, in Hong Kong there is an emphasis on healthy soups flavoured with Chinese medicine or herbs and creating your dipping sauce. This often includes condiments such as soy sauce, satay sauce, sesame oil and chili oil, as well as dried herbs and spices like chopped chilis, scallions, minced garlic, and fried garlic slices.

This city has no shortage of Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese hot pot restaurants where the main components; soup base, ingredients including meats, veggies, seafood, noodles, and sauce combinations vary, so you will always have something new and interesting to try. Read on to check out our favourite hot pot stops in Hong Kong!

Shoken 初見 — Tsuen Wan

shoken restaurant interior
Sushi and one-person Japanese hot pot to be had at Shoken (© Shoken)

A popular Japanese lunch spot in Tsuen Wan, although there is always a line in the evenings too, Shoken offers a number of delicacies including sushi and their signature herb beef cutlet, but the hot pot is a must try. They are known for their ‘hot pot for one’, a perfect way to warm up your stomach and soul on a chilly winter day. The seafood hotpot is highly recommended and it comes with salmon, shrimp and a ton of vegetables, with the broth highlighting the flavours instead of overpowering them.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Wagyu Beef, Angus Beef Hot Pot, Seasonal Seafood Hot Pot
Location:  Shoken, Shop F, G/F, Wah Tat Building, 22 Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 3590 4277

Grand Ding House 淥鼎記 — Kwun Tong

chinese hot pot at grand ding house hong kong
Grand Ding House’s hot pot offering and environment are both upscale (© Grand Ding House)

With the décor drawing inspiration from traditional and modern Chinese style including wooden screens and bamboo pendant lights, Grand Ding House is a perfect place for families, old and young. There are four different soup bases, although the spicy Sichuan is highly recommended. There are a number of different ingredients, with the seafood being a stand out, although add-ons such as udon, cuttlefish balls, mushrooms, cheese sausages and veggies were also hearty and filling. With great pricing and unlimited drinks, this is a great option for big groups. 

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Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Chongqing Spicy Chicken Pot, Sichuan Hot Pot, Handmade Cuttlefish Ball
Location:  Grand Ding House, 8/F, One Pacific Centre, 414 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2755 5328 or +852 2755 5728

18樓雞煲火鍋專門店 — Tsuen Wan, Mong Kok

chicken pot from 18th floor chicken hot pot
Succulent marinated chicken gets boiled down into an aromatic hot pot broth (© 18雞煲火鍋專門店)

If you are looking for chicken hot pot and are in Tsuen Wan or Mong Kok, look no further than 18雞煲火鍋專門店, or 18th Floor Chicken Hot Pot Specialty Restaurant. They have 4 varying spice levels but do be careful because it can go quite hot! The chicken is super tender and well marinated and once you are done, just add pork broth to make it a Hong Kong-style hotpot. The other ingredients including beef are super fresh and scrumptious so make sure to leave space for that. And what meal is complete without dessert, so they offer ice cream and frozen yogurt too.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Spicy Chicken Hot Pot
Tsuen Wan: 18/F, Emperor Plaza, 55 Chung On Street
Mong Kok: 18/F, Chong Hing Square, 593-601 Nathan Road
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2390 5390 or +852 3113 8468

E Pot 一鍋堂 — multiple locations

e pot beef hot pot
Prime labelled beef cuts (© E Pot)

With locations around Hong Kong, E Pot is one of the hot pot favourites, with their Mong Kok location always being a crowd pleaser. It is a Chinese-style all-you-can-eat hot pot place which doesn’t break the bank, so make sure to bring lots of friends and family. They are known for their choices; boasting over 16 soup bases. Our favourites include Chinese Herb, Laksa, Taiwanese Spicy. You can order an extra base for just $50 more. Their meats and seafood are fresh and delicious, with the Angus beef and clams being the spotlight stealers. Don’t forget to try their homemade teas!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Korean Kimchi Hot Pot, Tom Yum Kung Hot Pot, Laksa Hot Pot
Tsuen Wan: 19/F, Tai Hung Fai Centre, 55 Chung On St | +852 2408 3771
Mong Kok: 2/F, East Wing, XX Arcade, 60-104 Soy St | +852 8300 2868
Kwai Fong: Shop 601-610, 6/F, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Rd | 36188219
Contact: Website |  Instagram | Facebook 

Wulu Restaurant 醉胡爐 — Tsim Sha Tsui

chicken hot pot and sashimi at wulu hong kong
Hot pot with skewers and sashimi at Wulu (© Wulu Restaurant)

If you are a fan of stir-fried beancurd rolls (heung ling, 響鈴) in your hot pot, you must try Wulu. The trick of consuming these favourites is to use your sharing chopsticks and dip it in the pot for the perfect amount of time (usually 5-8 seconds) to ensure that it grasps the flavour but still stays crispy! They also have sashimi, skewers, and a number of great soup flavours including coconut chicken, spicy Sichuan, lobster and pork base. The desserts such as crystal jelly and mango tiramisu are also worth writing home about, so don’t miss out!

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Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Stir-fried Beancurd Rolls, Coconut Chicken Hot Pot, Spicy Sichuan Hot Pot
Location: G/F, Perfect Commercial Building, 20 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2606 2106

Lao Guo Taiwanese Hot Pot 老鍋台式火鍋 — Causeway Bay

lao guo taiwanese hot pot
Lao Guo’s yin yang pot with their signature spicy soup on the right (© Lao Guo Taiwanese Hot Pot)

Run by a Taiwanese chef with over 30 years’ experience, Lao Guo is a must-try spot for those looking to try hotpot from Taiwan. It has four soup bases including Signature Hot and Spicy, Appetizing Pickled Cabbage and Pork, Collagen Chicken for beauty, and Health for Sure Ginseng Chicken. If you are looking to try more than one, don’t worry – their yin yang pot offers two flavours, perfect if you are looking to experiment with your bases. With a range of ingredients such as mushrooms, leek, corn, tomatoes, glass noodles and great meats, you can’t go wrong at this spot.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Hot and Spicy Hot Pot, Pickled Cabbage and Pork Hot Pot , Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot
Location: 2/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2818 6678

Running Chicken 米走雞 — multiple locations

Signature cheese chicken pot with cilantro (© Running Chicken)

For hot pot with a difference, you must check out Running Chicken, and you have no excuses cause they have branches across Hong Kong. Start with their signature cheese chicken hot pot, and then once you have indulged in the goodness, add broth to turn it into your own hot pot with tons of yummy ingredients. Their spicy chicken is also worth trying for those who can handle the heat. The restaurant has an insane following so be sure to make a booking or be prepared to stand in line.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Cheese Chicken Hot Pot, Spicy Chicken Hot Pot
Location:  Multiple locations including Mong Kok and Causeway Bay
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2818 6678

Master Beef 牛大人 — Multiple Locations

tables at master beef hong kong
Master Beef is known for its wide variety of meat, veggie, and sauce offerings (© Master Beef)

The highest rated hot pot spot in Hong Kong is the Mong Kok location of Master Beef, a chain with multiple locations. And what makes this place so special? It’s their beef of course! With cuts such as Australian Wagyu Beef, Wagyu M5 sirloin rolls, short ribs and prime shoulder muscles, you are sure to have a full-on meat feast. This Taiwanese-inspired all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink spot has nine different soup bases. With great ambience, staff and of course food, this one is a hit with people of all ages and backgrounds and your only problem will be whether you can finish everything!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try:  Australian Wagyu Beef, Wagyu M5 Beef, Bubble Tea, Taiwanese Pineapple Chicken Hot Pot, New Zealand Lamb Roll
Multiple Locations
Contact: Website |  Instagram | Facebook | +852 3953 9350

Big Boil’s Club 滾得囍宮廷火鍋小炒 — North Point

spicy hot pot at big boils club hong kong
Spicy clam soup base (© Big Boil’s Club)

Decorated in Royal Chinese style, this hot pot restaurant has not only great taste but is also Instagram-worthy! Big Boil’s Club is known for its handmade meatballs, and a platter comes with two pieces each of five different flavours. The must-taste ones are the beef with cheese and the cuttlefish meatballs. Their soup bases are also delicious, with spicy clam soup and chicken being some of the favourites. A bit on the pricier side, Big Boil’s Club offers a full Chinese hot pot experience!

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Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try:
  Handmade Meatballs, Beef platter, Fish Maw Chicken Hot Pot, Japanese Hiroshima Oysters
Location:  Big Boils Club, Shop 116-125, 1/F, Marble Garden, 33 Marble Road, North Point
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2331 3838

Beauty in the Pot 美滋鍋 — Mong Kok

diners at beauty in the pot restaurant hong kong
Hot pot for the ladies in pretty pink (© Beauty in the Pot)

A pink-themed hot pot restaurant – that’s not something you see everday! Beauty in the Pot originated in Singapore and has now expanded to Hong Kong, bringing fun, friends and families together for a great time. They offer a dual soup base, with flavours such as emperor lobster pot, collagen beauty pot and tomato pot being both tasty and nourishing. They also have a vegetarian-friendly “longevity wild pine mushroom broth”!  Beauty in the Pot also has a spot for children to play, perfect for those never-ending family meals – just don’t forget to take a photo before leaving!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try:  Emperor Lobster Hot Pot, Collagen Beauty Hot Pot, Tomato Hot Pot
Location: Shop 803, 8/F, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 3162 8238

Yahataya Shabu Shabu 八幡屋涮涮鍋 — Mong Kok

Yahataya Shabu Shabu
Japanese Style Beef Shabu Shabu Hot pot (© Yahataya Shabu Shabu)

Yahataya Shabu Shabu is a buffet-style Japanese hot pot experience in Hong Kong. At this spacious restaurant, you’ll discover shabu-shabu, a Japanese dish featuring thinly sliced meat and veggies, all cooked in a bubbling broth. There are four different types of beef for you to choose, like Angus beef, Australian Wagyu beef and Kuroge Wagyu beef. And that’s not all – this place offers an all-you-can-eat Japanese feast, from sushi to sashimi, skewers, and, of course, shabu-shabu. 

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try:  Australian M5 Wagyu Beef, Seafood Platter, Sushi, Pork Bone Hot Pot
Location:  12/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 6596 6909

Cow Cow Taiwanese Hot Pot 牛牛台式鴛鴦火鍋 — Mong Kok

Cow Cow Taiwanese HotPot
Dual hot pot is served with meat, veggies, and mushrooms (©Cow Cow Taiwanese Hot Pot)

Step into Cow Cow Taiwanese Hot Pot, where affordability meets quality! A haven for both meat lovers and vegetarians, enjoy a choice of 10 meaty broths and 4 veggie options, from spicy to mushroom soups. With over 20 vegetarian ingredients to pick from, there’s something for everyone. Dive into a warm, welcoming hot pot experience today.

Price Range: $
Signature Dish To Try: Spicy Dual Hot Pot, Pickled Cabbage Pork Hot Pot, Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot
Location: 15/F, Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2121 8568

Cheng Du Old Pier Hot Pot 成都老碼頭火鍋 — Mong Kok

cheng du old pier hot pot
Savor the flavors of Sichuan spicy hot pot (©Cheng Du Old Pier Hot Pot)

Chengdu Old Pier Hot Pot has a charming antique decor that catches the eye of all passersby. Hot pot sauce selection is filled with secret blends and homemade sesame oil. We highly recommend the dual hot pot with pork bone and Chengdu’s spicy broth – a must-try for spicy and hot pot enthusiasts. To cleanse your palate after a greasy hot pot meal, they offer refreshing fruits like watermelon and crispy, sweet dates.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Cheng Du Spicy Hot Pot, Cuttlefish Paste, Spicy Shredded Chicken, Morel Chicken Hot Pot
Location: G/F, 61 Tong Mei Road, Mong Kok
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2121 8568

Header image credits: yukuaikuai via Pixabay

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