Have you ever wondered what omakase is? It simply means leaving the details of your order to your chef, trusting them to select and meticulously prepare seasonal dishes for you. The specialities are then served dish by delicate dish, proceeding from lighter plates to more complex flavours.

Omakase is said to have originated in sushi restaurants in Japan in the 1990s, when the bubble economy led to a sudden growth in the population of newly rich. Unfamiliar with fine sushi dishes and ready to spend, the budding affluent trusted their chef’s palettes. It is common for an omakase set to contain 20 or more dishes, and the prices reflect this; it is certainly a luxury. Here is a list of our favourite omakase restaurants in Hong Kong that will certainly help check off omakase from your bucket list.

Sushi Tokami — Tsim Sha Tsui

chef taga satoshi preparing omakase at sushi tokami hong kong
Sushi master Satoshi has been honing his skills for more than 10 years (© Sushi Tokami)

Sushi Tokami established itself before arriving in its current home in Harbour City, earning a Michelin star from its original Ginza, Tokyo home in 2014. Today, Chef Taga Satoshi, previously of the infamous Kyubey Sushi in Ginza, presides over the Hong Kong outpost continuing the Edomae sushi tradition that earned them their accolades in Japan. The omakase is an hours-long affair of 20 courses for approximately HK$1,400 in the afternoon and from HK$1,800 up in the evening.

3-27 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui | +852 2771 3938

Sushi Zo — Central

sushi counter at sushi zo tai kwun
The 14-seat Sushi Zo is tucked into a corner of the historical police headquarters (© Sushi Zo)

From its hidden home in a corner of Tai Kwun, Sushi Zo led by head chef Keizo Seki is a modern 14-seat omakase destination. The 18-course omakase menu prepared based on the freshest ingredient of the day exclusively uses seafood flown in from Japan every day. This is priced at approximately HK$1,500 for lunch and HK$1,800 up for dinner. The sushi chefs sear, steam, and season the treasures of the sea like it’s a symphony, with highlights like giant, buttery Japanese abalone and monkfish liver. In some cases, they hardly alter the native flavour of the delicacy at all, merely pairing it with a cracker or herb to bring out its best characteristics.

LG1/F Block 01, Tai Kwun, Shama Soho, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central | +852 2884 0114

UMI — Sheung Wan

sushi chef holding urchin and caviar hand roll at umi hong kong
Hokkaido sea urchin paired with caviar (© UMI)

One of the most sought-after omakase experiences in Hong Kong is at UMI. With just ten seats along a 7-metre-long counter, on the other side of which stands Head Chef Makoto Harada (who has been perfecting his sushi skills for over 30 years), the sushi bar offers up incredible Edomae sushi. They offer both lunch and dinner omakase (HK$988 and HK$1,888 per person, respectively) which takes diners on a journey of 8-10 kinds of sushi, temaki, kamameshi, soup, and dessert.

159 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan | +852 2956 3177

Sushi Saito — Central

sushi saito four seasons central
Sushi Saito holds one Michelin star (© Four Seasons)

Sushi Saito offers the perfect blend of a spa-like atmosphere and authentic Japanese taste. Helmed by the itamae or sushi master, Takashi Saito, the Michelin-starred restaurant is a sushi ballet in Central. The omakase here revolves around the authentic Edomae-style sushi with fresh ingredients flying in from Tokyo daily. Saito’s signature monkfish liver is a must-eat if you get lucky enough to reserve one of the 16 seats in this sushi haven. The tasting menu is priced at around HK$1,600.

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45/F, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Finance St, Central | +852 2527 0811

Tempura Taki — Central

tempura taki hong kong
Tempura Taki’s mural inspired by Hokusai’s 1831 woodblock print (© Tempura Taki)

Bring a twist to your usual tempura experience by visiting Tempura Taki – a contemporary, hip, and artsy Japanese establishment in Central. Led by the tempura chef Eric Chan, their popular tempura omakase menu titled ‘Ten’ (HK$1,580) takes you on a journey through 13 kinds of tempura. They also offer the Taki omakase and Miyabi omakase; the first is a 15-course menu with three types of sashimi and five types of tempura (HK$1,380), while the second is crafted by the chef based on the freshest ingredients of the day (HK$980 up).

8/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington St, Central | +852 2881 0033

FUMI — Central

sushi chefs working at fumi hong kong
“Fumi” refers to the aroma you experience when air hits the food in your mouth (© FUMI)

Prepare to have your eyes sprawling across over 20 lunch combinations on the menu at FUMI! You can also get a firsthand experience of building your own set of a three-course lunch (priced at HK$638) and enjoy it at this kaiseki restaurant.

Kaiseki is a cousin of omakase which also involves multiple courses, but the difference is that the menu is pre-set while omakase menus can change throughout the course of the meal depending on the diner’s reaction to dishes. Some of the must-try dishes at FUMI include their signature sushi roll, Miyazaki beef, and beef tendon oden grilled kochi.

6/F, California Tower, 30-36 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong, Central | +852 2328 3302

Sushi Shikon — Central

chef handling mini octopus at omakase in sushi shikon
Sushi Shikon has held three Michelin stars since 2014 (© Sushi Shikon)

This three-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant gives you the chance to delve into Japanese art and cultural experience. The rich ambiance of Sushi Shikon in its home at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is impressive, but the food and antique serving ware don’t slack for its impressive location. You will find two-hour Edomae-style sushi omakase served across an eight-seat Hinkoi counter.

Both lunch and dinner omakase are on offer daily from Monday to Saturday. The lunch menu, with eight pieces of refined nigiri, is priced at HK$2,250, while the dinner menu, featuring ten pieces of suhi, rings in at HK$4,000. This is certainly an omakase destination for a splurge or celebration.

7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Rd, Central | +852 2643 6800

Sushi Rin — Sheung Wan and Tsim Sha Tsui

chef putting sushi down on a plate at sushi rin hong kong
Value-for-money Japanese fine dining in Sheung Wan (© Sushi Rin)

From top-notch quality omakase to creamy oysters and a mouth-watering hokkaido baby cod sushi, Sushi Rin is one of the favourites for a cost-effective omakase lunch with two locations in the city. Once you have enjoyed a delicious Edomae-style meal here, you will find yourself coming back again for more! They have various omakase menus on offer during lunch and dinner, but the lunchtime omakase is particularly popular with menus ranging from HK$458 (10 pieces of sushi and a handroll) to HK$980 (five pieces of sashimi, four pieces of nigiri, and a hot dish).

Sheung Wan: 128 Jervois St | +852 2567 1168

Tsim Sha Tsui: Shop 15, UG/F, H Zentre, Middle Rd | +852 2567 1328

Xuan Sushi — Causeway Bay

sashimi bowl from xuan sushi hong kong
Xuan’s signature dish is the three-colour don (© Xuan Sushi)

Xuan Sushi’s luxuriating ambiance makes it one of the high-end omakase restaurants perfect for couples and families. Apart from being Michelin Guide-recognized for four years in a row from 2014 on, they are known for their deluxe lunch sets and the 13-course Executive Omakase. At this spot, you have to call ahead or flag a waiter down to learn the omakase’s price.

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7/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Rd, Causeway Bay | +852 2537 5555

Shika Teppanyaki & Sushi — Causeway Bay

teppan grilled lobster at shika teppanyaki hong kong
Lobster on the griddle in the dedicated teppanyaki section (© Shika)

This traditional open teppanyaki and sushi counter restaurant will take you back to the times of old Japan as you share a meal on iron plates! There are dedicated teppanyaki and omakase sections in Shika Teppanyaki & Sushi. Besides the Shika Omakase (HK$1,800), their standalone sea urchin and big toro sushi are all-time favourites. After a filling meal, you can order their sweet tofu ice cream as a cherry on top!

Shining Building, 477-481 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay | +852 2892 8819

Sushi Itsu — Causeway Bay

urchin sushi and oyster from sushi itsu hong kong
Sushi with add-on sake pairings (© Sushi Itsu)

A modernly decorated, yet small and simple spot – that is Sushi Itsu in Causeway Bay. The seasonally revolving omakase menu priced at HK$1,580 takes you on a journey through 25 dishes. Embarking upon this meal is an adventure in itself since your tastebuds will be dealing with everything from sashimi to otsumami (izakaya side dishes) and sushi. If you visit in the spring, you must try their star desserts – Japanese jelly and a strawberry-topped tempura.

27/F, L’ Hart, 487-489 Lockhart Rd, Causeway Bay | +852 5548 0561

Kokorozashi — Tsim Sha Tsui

sushi chef holding a large mackerel fish at kokorozashi
Sawara, or Japanese Spanish mackarel (© Kokorozashi)

Kokorozashi is the right choice for a date night with your significant other. The chic interior and comfortable dining curate the ideal atmosphere for an intimate gathering. If you visit during lunch, you can choose between the seasonal omakase, chef’s special, dedicated sushi, or dedicated sashimi omakase starting from an accessible HK$300. At dinnertime, the number of courses and price both ramp up, to a full 25 courses for HK$1,200. The menu has something for every kind of taste; however, anglerfish liver and a tasty plate of fluorescent squid are always in demand.

17/F, 17-19 Ashley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui | +852 2265 8828

Sushi Sooshi — Tsim Sha Tsui

fine dining sashimi topped with gold flakes at sushi sooshi hong kong
Gold flake-topped wagyu with uni and caviar (© Sushi Sooshi)

Looking for an Instagram-worthy omakase in Hong Kong? Well, Sushi Sooshi is just the right choice right for you! If you’re up for a proper, luxurious experience, go for the Omakase Sooshi. For HK$498, this option is not your ordinary omakase, since the 10 pieces of sushi are customized to your taste. They also offer the Omakase Premium (HK598) and the Special Omakase (HK$880) with five or six kinds of impeccably plated sashimi and nigiri, plus deep-fried dishes.

Shop B, G/F, 17 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui | +852 2555 8255

Sushi Sho — Tsim Sha Tsui

salmon platter at sushi sho omakase
Platter showcasing various parts of salmon (© Sushi Sho)

Consider yourself lucky if you find a seat in this 10-seat sushi restaurant. The small set-up shows nothing impressive, but Sushi Sho is known to be one of the best quality and budget-friendly Japanese restaurants offering omakase in Tsim Sha Tsui. Sushi Sho offers a couple of different omakase menus – Gin, Sho, Sakura – which feature varying proportions of premium sushi and sashimi ranging from HK$380 to HK$680 per person. The itamae shares not only how to best taste each dish, but also shares his stories as a sushi master. It’s a great option for filling up on quality sushi bites without breaking the bank.

Shop 4, G/F, To Fu Court, 5-6 Hau Fook St, Tsim Sha Tsui | +852 2366 7988

Sushi Tachi — Tsim Sha Tsui

crab leg sushi from sushi tacho omakase
Seared crab leg sushi (© Sushi Tachi)

Imagine standing under a cherry blossom while you relish delicious food. Sushi Tachi’s stand-up sushi bar (purportedly the first in Hong Kong) with cherry blossom décor, natural soft lighting, and wooden tables brings you a similar experience. Even though the menu is limited, the decent prices provide a good value for money. Starting from just HK$380, you can enjoy 13 courses of airflown-fresh sushi that you just wouldn’t expect from looking at the unassuming facade.

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Shop D, G/F, Cameron Plaza, 23-25A Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui | +852 2836 3830

Inaotsu Japanese Restaurant — Tsim Sha Tsui

bonito dish from inaotsu japanese restaurant's omakase
Smoked bonito dish (© Inaotsu Japanese Restaurant)

Inaotsu’s prices and various kaiseki deals suit every kind of budget. They offer three types of set chef’s menus ranging from HK$588 to over HK$K788; the former menu includes four types of sashimi, six types of sushi, a handroll, soup, steamed egg, and dessert. If you’re in a hurry, you can also avail the takeaway option and enjoy the meal at home.

2/F, 10 Prat Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui | +852 2333 3288

Chutsuki Sushi — Kwun Tong

japanese sushi chef delicately placing a piece of sashimi on a block at chutsuki sushi omakase
Chutsuki is a tiny nook of a sushi bar in Kwun Tong (© Chutsuki Sushi)

Omakase at Chutsuki Sushi’s special feature is the chef’s delicate touch evident in each dish. This is a cosy nook in Kwun Tong with fresh ingredients being brought to the kitchen each day. The sea urchin and peony shrimp here will leave you wanting to lick your fingers! The omakase menu, an orchestra of seasonal sashimi, pickled dishes, pan-fried dishes, nigiri, and seasonal fruit, starts at HK$500 per person.

Century Centre, 44-46 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong | +852 6588 5354

Sushi Man — Yuen Long

tuna toast as part of the omakase menu at sushi man hong kong
Fragrant toro toast (© Sushi Man)

One of the most high-end Japanese restaurants in Yuen Long, Sushi Man guarantees high-quality food and excellent value for money. They have various omakase menus to suit every budget, ranging from HK$580 to HK$1,380. On the lower end, you get to delight in 12 pieces of sushi, while on the pricier end, you get six pieces of sashimi and seven pieces of nigiri; all omakases include an appetiser, handroll, soup, and dessert. The skills of itamae Cupid are evident in how deftly he prepares the sushi and sashimi by hand. This is your traditional sushi bar with minimal décor; however, the fresh ingredients and aesthetic presentation take Sushi Man up a notch.

Shop 5, Lee Fat House, 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long | +852 2285 9477

God of Sushi — Yuen Long

crab dish from god of sushi omakase set
Matsuba crab paste and crab roe (© God of Sushi)

The food experience at God of Sushi justifies the name. Even though the setup is basic, the specialty of this Hong Kong omakase restaurant lies in excellent fish served simply. The premium taste at this restaurant is due to the minimal seasoning used to celebrate the seafood.

Lunch omakase is priced at HK$550, HK$780, or HK$1,180, with the most expensive menu having the longest menu of the most sought-after seafood of the season. At dinner time, the prices go up to HK$1,480 with the addition of an appetiser, soup, and dessert.

Shop 7, G/F, On Ning Building, 20-30B Ma Tin Rd, Yuen Long | +852 2178 3163

Sushi Shari — Yuen Long and Causeway Bay

chefs preparing omakase dishes behind the sushi counter at sushi shari hong kong
Sushi Shari offers a whopping 20-course omakase (© Sushi Shari)

Sushi Shari makes a great stop for omakase in Yuen Long or Causeway Bay. The food quality and atmosphere are top-notch and will leave you feeling refreshed. Their seasonal sushi options are popular among customers because of their creative presentations and cost-effective omakase deals, ranging from HK$580 to HK$880 at lunchtime with a full meal of 12 or 15 pieces of sushi. Meanwhile, dinnertime omakase with seven side dishes and 11 pieces of sushi and will set you back HK$1,800.

Causeway Bay: 21 Lan Fong Rd | +852 6811 6810

Yuen Long: Shop 6, G/F, Yuccie Square, 38 On Ning Rd | +852 6811 6689

Header image credits: Nalinee Supapornpasupad via Canva

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