In Hong Kong we are spoiled for choice when it comes to eateries, restaurants, and even local pet shops. But what options are there for dog parks? There are several designated pet gardens and dog parks that you can take your hound to. Here is a compilation of the best to help your furry friends socialise.

In Hong Kong Island

Cyberport Waterfront Park — Pok Fu Lam

Three Shiba Inu dogs are playing at sunset time
Shiba Inu dogs are playing at Cyberport Waterfront Park (© Instagram – @littlecreamycorgi)

One of the most scenic parks, this wide open-spaced grassy area features flat winding paths with trees dotted around. It faces the waterfront and is great for a picnic while your pooch runs around and plays fetch. There are water taps to stay hydrated, but this area can be known for snake sightings in the summer.

Facilities: Water taps, dog excreta bin, grassy lawn.
Opening Hours: 7am-11pm.

Belcher Bay Harbourfront — Kennedy Town

belcher bay harbourfront
View from the harbour front (©

Open in October 2020, the Belcher Bay promenade boasts pet-friendliness the whole walkway. There are sheltered seating and multi-purpose spaces along the way, plus a dedicated pet corner where pets can play off the leash.

Facilities: Sheltered seating, multi-purpose space, pet corner.
Opening Hours: 24/7.

Central and Western District Promenade — Western Island Waterfront

Sheung Wan Dog Park in daytime
Sheung Wan Dog Park

Once featuring a grassy lawn, this 1,500 square feet dog park now features sandy dirt where dogs can still run around off-leash. Dog walkers are seen here during the daytime with their packs of dogs for socialising, while nighttime sees regular residents living in the area. Be sure to wash your dog’s paws thoroughly at home from the dirt.

Facilities: Water taps and dog latrines.
Opening Hours: 24/7.

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Victoria Peak Garden — The Peak

Four adorable dogs hang out together at Victoria Peak Garden
Fashionable puppies hanging-out at Victoria Peak Garden (© Instagram – @the_hotdog_family)

This Chinese-style garden features a Victorian-style pagoda near the top of the Victoria Peak and is accessible all hours of the day and night. Take your dog for a walk around the peak circle or do he full hike up the front with the morning trail, or up the back via Old Peak Road. Your furry friend will have opportunities to exercise.

Opening Hours: 24/7.

Tamar Park — Central

Adult dog has a stroll at Tamar Park in Central
Proud dog at posing at Tamar Park (© Instagram – @latte_the_mongrel)

Centered near the Legislative Council Complex government headquarters and positioned near the Central and Western Harbour waterfront, Tamar Park features two round concrete enclosures where you can let your dog run around off the leash. Since the recent addition of the “inclusive park for pets”, pawrents can now walk their dog along the harbour-front from the Observation Wheel.

Facilities: Toilets, turf area, rain shelter, dog excreta collection bin, and hand-washing facility.
Opening Hours: 24/7.

Quarry Bay Promenade

Quarry Bay Promenade (© Picasa)

This 3,000 square feet pet garden features a promenade with paved tiles along grass or a concrete and wooden plank pathway along the waterfront. Enjoy coastal vibes as you walk from Quarry Bay to Tai Koo Shing against the Kowloon skyline.

Facilities: Arbour, garden benches and dog excreta collection bins.
Opening Hours: 24/7.

In Kowloon

Waterfront Promenade & Art Park — West Kowloon

Shiba Inu strolls around west Kowloon art park with a stunning Hong Kong Victoria harbour view behind
Shiba Inu posing in front of Victoria Harbour (© Instagram – @mochi_chicchic)

Enjoy a walk along lush greenery and expanses of grassy lawns where you can sit and picnic with your pooch and walk them on turf if the concrete gets too hot. There are several restaurants that all have dog-friendly outdoor seating, and the view of the Hong Kong skyline is phenomenal during the day as well as it is during the nighttime. There is also a dedicated off-leash pet zone which is blocked in with high fences, so your dog can’t jump over and has the necessary facilities.

Facilities: Water taps and dog excreta collection bins.
Opening Hours: 6 am to 11 pm daily.

Kai Tak Runway Park — Kowloon City

Four adult dogs with a plane behind
Pawlots are ready to take-off (© Instagram – @yubababababa)

Located at the tip of the former Kai Tak runway of the old Hong Kong airport, this dog park pays homage to a model plane. Spacious and grassy, this area is great for well-trained dogs off the leash who are good at recall.

Facilities: Toilet and vending machine.
Opening Hours: 7 am to 11 pm daily.

Kwun Tong Ferry Pier Square Pet Garden

ferry pier square pet garden kwun tong
Pet owner playing with dogs (© Picasa)

Set five minutes away from the Kwun Tong promenade by the harbour, the pet park features a spacious lawn, water fountains, a dog balancing wood beam, and more. Your furry buddy will have a field day at this adventurous park.

Facilities: Grass lawn, benches, drinking fountain for dogs, dog latrine, dog equipment for playing.
Opening Hours: 24/7.

Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden — Cheung Sha Wan

playing equipment for dogs in cheung sha wan
Dog playground (©

One of the largest pet parks in Kowloon, Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden provides a fun mental challenge for your pooch with equipment that will help train your dog. There are railing for your dog to walk on and hoops for them to jump through. Too much work? Mozy along the beautiful footpath.

Facilities: Dog drinking fountains, dog excreta collection bin, hand-washing facility, pet activity area, and pet equipment for playing.
Opening Hours: 7 am to 12 am.

In the New Territories

Penfold Park — Sha Tin

Shiba Inu lies on the grass and smiles
Tired corgi, resting on the grass (© Instagram – @mung.thecorgi)

Hands down one of the most beautiful and largest dog parks, Penfold Park is nestled amongst a horse racing track. Families love to come here and picnic or take a stroll along the grassy lawns. There are three man-made lakes in the middle and beautiful tree settings to provide shade.

Facilities: Toilet, benches, picnic tables, kids playground.
Opening Hours: On non-racing days (check the calendar).

Tsuen Wan Park

Beautiful tsuen wan pet garden park
View on Tsuen Wan Park (© Instagram – @leung1801)

The pet garden is an enclosed area of 350 square feet and tiled with concrete, so that your dog doesn’t get their paws overly dirty. It is located by the Nijna Hotel and in between the Tsuen Wan Park. Dogs can run around off-leash and socialise here and the waterfront is round the corner.

Facilities: benches, dog latrines, pet excreta collection bins, and pet water stations
Opening Hours: 24/7.

With so many convenient and beautiful dog parks available, you can go out and have a great time day or night with your dog. Bring along another furry friend or two and laze around in the sun (but don’t overheat), have a picnic, watch the sunset, or take an evening stroll with sea breeze in your hair.

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