In Hong Kong’s lively landscape, wet markets tell a story of resilience and adaptation. Once dismissed as dirty and low-class, these markets have integrated into every town, coexisting with municipal buildings and meeting the needs of locals. The new revolution of wet markets brings an open design, barrier-free spaces, and air-conditioning, transforming the entire shopping experience.

From the traditional charm of Kowloon City Market to modern Hong Kong Market, our guide explores diverse styles, revealing how these markets, once deemed unhygienic, have become vibrant, integral places in Hong Kong’s Cantonese culture.

What is a Wet Market?

In Hong Kong, a wet market is a traditional marketplace where fresh foods like produce, meat, and seafood are sold. These markets are called “wet” because they often use water to keep the goods fresh. Hong Kong’s wet markets are known for their bustling atmosphere and offer a wide variety of ingredients for local cuisine. You can literally find anything! Picture this: bustling stalls filled with colourful fruits and the sounds of vendors bantering. The Hong Kong wet market is alive with the essence of Cantonese culture.

Hong Kong Market (Yat Tung) — Tung Chung

Nostalgic design of old Kowloon City (© Hong Kong Market)
Nostalgic design of old Kowloon City (© Hong Kong Market)

Renovated in mid-2016 and rebranded as “Hong Kong Market,” it has been upgraded with air-conditioning and features a nostalgic design inspired by old Kowloon City. Reflecting the 1960s wet market ambiance, its design immerses visitors in the nostalgia of Kowloon City. Nestled in Yat Tung Estate, the market’s distinctive features include traditional paper lanterns, vintage Hong Kong decor, and, of course, the wife beater shirt and men’s underwear hanging in the air. This might make you feel you’ve stepped into the Hong Kong History Museum.

Where: G/F, Yat Tung Shopping Centre, 8 Yat Tung Street, Tung Chung
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM, Everyday

Kowloon City Market — Kowloon City

Kowloon City Market food court and stalls (© Wikimedia Commons)
Kowloon City Market food court and stalls (© Wikimedia Commons)

Nestled in Kowloon City, the historic heart of Hong Kong, this impressive market houses 581 stalls, attracting even stars like actor Chow Yun-fat. Kowloon City Market is the largest wet market in Hong Kong. You can spend a whole day exploring a variety of fresh produce, seafood, and meats. At the cooked food centre on the top floor, savour classic delights like satay beef-stuffed French toast. Beyond groceries, you can discover a library, sports complex, and various stalls for a true local experience.

Stalls: 581
Where: 100 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon
Opening Hours: 6AM to 8PM, Everyday

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Maritime Market — Tsing Yi

Stingray and fish decor at Maritime Market (© Hong Kong Market)
Stingray and fish decor at Maritime Market (© Hong Kong Market)

Maritime Market (Tsing Yi Market), a modern local market adorned with fantastic marine decor. Affordable prices welcome all, and a takeaway food corner offers local favourites like Siu Mai and Fish Ball Noodles. In this marine-themed attraction, you are surrounded by over 5,000 fish decorations and a 450-inch video wall displaying undersea life. With around 150 diverse stalls and a 5,000-square-foot seafood zone, this market caters to all, satisfying residents’ daily needs.

Stalls: 150
Where: G/F, Cheung Fat Plaza, 6 Tam Kon Shan Road, Tsing Yi
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM, Everyday

Pei Ho Street Market — Sham Shui Po

lively pei ho street market
Lively street with hundreds of stalls (© Canva)

Pei Ho Street Market in Sham Shui Po, with a total of 225 stalls, puts you in the local vibe of this bustling area. Along the bustling street where fish are splashing, you find fresh produce, meats, and daily necessities. Remember to grab some local snacks while browsing. The adjacent Pei Ho Street Cooked Food Centre offers a grassroots food court experience, serving diverse, authentic dishes at affordable prices.

Stalls: 225
Where: Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Opening Hours: 6AM to 8PM, Everyday

Ngau Chi Wan Market — Ngau Chi Wan

seafood stall at Ngau Chi Wan Market
Traditional seafood stall (© Canva)

Niu Chi Wan Market is an authentic Cantonese hub established in 1987. Lined with 219 stalls offering a range of dry goods, wet goods, and frozen meats, this market extends to three floors. From essentials on the ground floor to a lively cooked food centre on the second floor, it caters to all local needs. This dynamic local culture and flavours make it a must-visit destination for tourists exploring Hong Kong’s authentic markets.

Stalls: 219
Where: Ngau Chi Wan Municipal Services Building, 11 Clear Water Bay Rd, Ngau Chi Wan
Opening Hours: 6AM to 8PM, Everyday

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Ngau Tau Kok Market — Kwun Tong

Meat, fish and grocery stalls at Ngau Tau Kok Market (© A. Iee, H. Chan via Google Maps)

With 268 stalls, this large and clean market offers a variety of fresh vegetables, fish, meat, fruits, soybeans, and flowers all day. However, be prepared for the lack of air conditioning in hot summer day. It is an old-school Chinese market with live chickens, and you can find fresh-cut pork from numerous butchers. Ideal for foreigners looking to experience Cantonese culture—just mind the slippery floors!

Stalls: 268
Where: 183 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong District, Kowloon
Opening Hours: 6AM to 8PM, Everyday

Siu Sai Wan Market — Chai Wan

Local fresh seafood and fruits on display at Siu Sai Wan Market — Chai Wan
Local fresh seafood and fruits on display (© Hong Kong Market)

Siu Sai Wan Market, located on the northeast coastline of Hong Kong Island and reopened in August 2015, offers a modern food shopping experience. It features a dedicated section for local fresh seafood, a vibrant area for vegetables and fruits, and even live chickens for sale through video chat, providing a diverse selection of fresh produce to cater to various tastes. The market seamlessly blends classic and contemporary styles with its vivid colours and modern decor.

Where: G/F, Siu Sai Wan Plaza, 10 Siu Sai Wan Road, Siu Sai Wan, Chai Wan
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM, Everyday

Tai Shing Street Market — Wong Tai Sing

Shops inside the Tai Shing Street Market building
Shops inside the Tai Shing Street Market building (© R. Li & D. Ko via Google Maps)

Located between Wong Tai Sin and San Po Kong, Tai Shing Market is a 10-minute walk from Wong Tai Sin MTR station. Established in 1998, it now has a total of 390 stalls, including 20 to 30 seafood stalls, 10 pork stalls, and about 4 beef stalls. Renowned for its affordability and top-notch quality, this market has earned the title of ‘the cheapest seafood spot in Hong Kong.’ Explore this three-floor building featuring seafood, veggies, meats, fruits, and more.

Stalls: 390
Where: 121 Choi Hung Road, Wong Tai Sing, Kowloon
Opening Hours: 6AM to 8PM, Everyday

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T-Market — Yuen Long

Modern Japanese-style design at T-Market( © Hong Kong Market)

In Tin Shui Wai, T MARKET is a grand addition to wet markets with modern Japanese-style design. With nearly 70 stalls offering diverse fresh ingredients, from fresh veggies to handmade dumplings, it has become a favourite neighbourhood spot. The convenient location, excellent management, cleanliness, and vibrant street food section make it a top choice for locals.

Stalls: 70
Where: 30 & 33 Tin Wah Road, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM, Everyday

Tsz Wan Shan Market (FRESHIN) — Kowloon

Tsz Wan Shan Market (FRESHIN) — Kowloon
Fresh fruit section at Freshin displays all the tropical delights (© Hong Kong Market)

Situated in Tsz Wan Shan, FRESHIN (Tsz Wan Shan Market) was renovated in 2018, featuring the design of small European towns. Bathed in blue and white, adorned with black and white checker tiles on the floor, and graced with arched windows, it’s fresh and artistic. With nearly 60 stalls, FRESHIN caters to diverse needs, offering fresh ingredients, dry goods, and groceries. Keep in mind, peak hours bring a lively crowd!”

Stalls: 60
Where: 1/F, Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre, 23 Yuk Wah Street, Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM, Everyday

Header image credits: Hong Kong Market and Boggy22 via Canva

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