Bien Caramélisé is the first pâtisserie in Hong Kong to reinvent classic French pastries, by creating delicacies with no animal products. Hong-Kong Australian owner and chef Jessica Chow spent the last several years exploring and researching plant-based cuisine before opening the boutique, which is tucked away at the Prince Edward flower market.

Classic French-style pâtisserie, made plant-based

Chef Jessica has perfected her repertoire of French fancies that allow pastry connoisseurs to experience her mille-feuilles, seasonal tarts, Paris-Brest, and éclairs, but without feeling the need of the usual ingredients such as butter, dairy milk, and eggs.  The end result: Creamy and rich pastries, but without the usual heaviness associated with French pastries, yet equally as satisfying.

Paris Brest
Plum Tart
Chocolate, Banana, Hazelnut Cake

While there will always be standard favourites such as the mille-feuille and éclairs on the menu, Bien Caramélisé makes use of seasonal ingredients to complete the menu. Chef Jessica often sources her ingredients locally and organically, and in doing so she aims to reduce the heavy impact that traditional meat/dairy-based diet has on our ecosystem, as well as to support small businesses of Hong Kong.

Bien Caramélisé actively sources ingredients from local farmers. This is our way to support local small businesses and to showcase all the exciting and delicious products that Hong Kong has to offer. It also helps in minimising wastage in our daily cooking, operations, and packaging due to a low carbon footprint.

Jessica Chow

Workshops to make your own plant-based pastries or breads

Moreover, Bien Caramélisé runs plant-based baking workshops, including private workshops.

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By joining one of Chef Jessica’s unique workshops, you’ll learn how to produce mouthwatering desserts and bread that can be easily recreated at home. She guides participants through various preparation practices, offering professional tips and advices on how to achieve the perfect results, making it a fun-filled experience that can be also shared with friends and family. While she currently teaches popular items such as coconut sugar scones, plant-based brioches, and hazelnut apple tarts, the workshops often change so be sure to sign-up early!

Coconut Sugar Scones
Coconut Sugar Scones

Vegan Viennoiserie
Vegan Viennoiserie
Vegan Hazelnut Apple Tart
Hazelnut Apple Tart

The workshops can be taught in English and/or Chinese and you will take everything you baked home at the end of the sessions.

How to make an order?

During the weekdays it is essential to make a pre-order (minimum 3 days in advance) as everything is made small-batched and fresh.  Orders can be picked up directly from the shop, or a courier van will be called on your behalf (additional delivery charges apply). If you do pick up, to promote sustainability, it is encouraged you bring your own bags and containers for your cakes.

On the weekends, you are invited to walk-in from 2pm to pick up individual pastries at the tea salon, where you can also find seats and sit down for a fresh piece of pastry and hand-pour coffee from a local coffee roaster.  Make it a perfect afternoon (or day) to come to the flower market, pick up some flowers, and indulge in some pastries, but we promise you that you’ll return for more!

Meet Bien Caramélisé:

Logo Bien Caramelise


Location: Shop D, 1/F, Hentiff Building, 160 Prince Edward Road West (Prince Edward Flower Market)

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WhatsApp/Signal: +852 5239 5198

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