The AIA Carnival returns to Hong Kong on December 12, and with it comes The Great Circus of Europe. Back for its third year, the Circus brings incredible performances by top acts and talent that will amaze and delight. Step right up, folks, and see what’s in store under the Big Top.

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The Great Circus of Europe: Unbelievable

The Great Circus of Europe is bringing a fresh new line up to the Central Harbourfront for 10 weeks of entertainment. Led by the popular Ring Mistress, Hayley Gandey, the spectacular event guarantees a good time for all. Free entrance to the AIA Carnival on the same day is included with any ticket purchase to The Great Circus of Europe, so you get a double dose of excitement for the same price.

Circus Performers at The Great Circus of Europe

A new range of never-before-seen feats will dazzle crowds in the Big Top at the AIA Carnival, from daredevil high act performers to hilarious clowns. Witness awe-inspiring and death-defying moves mixed with a touch of comedy, ensuring laughter and enjoyment for the whole family.

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Audience Great Circus of Europe

People of all ages have been filling the colourful tent at the Carnival for the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. A star-studded range of circus performers await inside to wow crowds, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. And audiences can enjoy the show rest assured, as the Circus is a cruelty-free show that doesn’t include animals.

Back by Popular Demand: Great Performers

Circus performer at Great Circus of Europe

For the third year in a row, The Great Circus of Europe has a dazzling range of performers in its eclectic programme, with two to four shows a day. The annual highlight is the third-generation performer from the legendary Gandey Circus Family, Ring Mistress Hayley Gandey, back to lead her sensational troupe.

Performers Great Circus of Europe

Laugh yourselves silly at the hysterical clown duo and their clever antics, then check out the ravishing London Showgirls. The legendary entertainers are known for their precision dancing, and are quite the sight to behold – you might even learn a move or two. Then prepare to be thrilled with the electrifying Motorbikes in the Globe of Death as you watch motorbikes go full speed in perfect sequence in a metal globe.

How High Can They Go?: Daring Acts

Gandeys Circus Performers

No circus is complete without a trapeze, and the Great Circus has the amazing Swinging Trapeze. Watch as the unbelievable swinging trapeze artist spreads her wings, soaring from the very top of the tent like a flying ballerina. The Russian Bar act will also leave circus-goers gasping in disbelief as they take acrobatics to the next level. Witness their exceptional strength, agility and dexterity as they perform tricks on a single narrow bar with perfect balance. Equally impressive is the Rola Rola spectacle. With perfect precision, see the balancing artist rise to great heights while maintaining his balance on a difficult combination of objects.

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Aerial Performance at Great Circus of Europe

More high-flying performances will leave you wanting more, like the bold couple flawlessly performing in the Aerial Straps act. Watch as the pair take their relationship to a whole new level – literally – as they dance and twirl in a romantic embrace way up high. The 7-Person Super Springboard act will definitely capture your attention with their mind-blowing stunts. Be amazed as they jump, dive, and fly gracefully through the air while never missing a beat on the Super Springboard.

Hottest Ticket in Town: Book Early

Audience at Great Circus of Europe

Don’t miss this perfect show for the entire family. Tickets sell out, so reserve your seats early! Choose from different price points, including VIP seating, to really impress your friends and family with ringside seats.

No matter what you choose, be prepared for an unforgettable experience at The Great Circus of Europe.

2-for-1 Ticket Offer!

The Great Circus of Europe has a 2-for-1 ticket deal on all shows from 2 January to 24 January. This offer is only available online so act fast to enjoy 50% savings!


The Great Circus of Europe and AIA Carnival

Central Harbourfront Event Space

2524 6499 or

Show dates:  12 December 2019 – 16 February 2020 (2 – 4 shows per day, low – peak)

Show duration: 55 minutes (no interval)

Ticket Info

VVIP: $550
VIP: $420
Premium:  $265
Standard: $200
Guests can purchase tickets at Zicket

2-for-1 ticket offer is available for online ticket purchases for shows from 2-24 January 2020!

Admission Information

Children under 3 years of age are free of charge but will not be provided with a seat (must sit on parent/guardian’s lap).

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Circus foyer opens 30 minutes prior to the performance.

The circus tent is located inside the Carnival.

Seats are not numbered (free seating in effect in the section paid for).


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