Mind HK: Move it for Mental Health 2020

For the third consecutive year, Mind Hong Kong is running its Move it for Mental Health campaign throughout the month of February to raise awareness of the benefits that exercise has on our physical and mental health. The campaign aims to encourage Hongkongers to get moving for their mental health by exercising for 30 minutes every day in February, with a dedicated website offering tips on how to get active along with a selection of local gyms and studios providing workshops and classes that are Move it themed.

Dr. Hannah Reidy, CEO of Mind HK, said: “Mental and physical health are closely linked, but more than half of us in Hong Kong do not achieve the recommended amount of daily exercise. Our Move it for Mental Health campaign aims to raise awareness for how just 30 minutes a day of exercise can make a big difference to a person’s overall mental health, not just physical. Physical health plays a significant role in managing some mental health conditions, in particular depression and anxiety. While depression and anxiety can make one less willing to participate in sports activities or join a gym, exercise has been proven to decrease many of the symptoms of these disorders.”

Yvette Kong, Board Member of Mind HK and Olympic Swimmer for Hong Kong, said: “Your mind and body go hand in hand. This is important for everyone to remember – exercise can help your overall mental well-being, sleep, and mood. Taking 30 minutes out of your day for your mental health should be made a priority and I encourage you to take in this challenge.”

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According to the Centre for Health Protection, approximately 55% of adults in Hong Kong do not reach the WHO recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity) per week. According to a study by the Hong Kong Playground Assocation, 21.3% of youth (age 13 to 18) and 38.8% of youth (aged 19 to 24) do not meet the MVPA60 standard (moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity for ac least 60 minutes daily), a recommendation of WHO.

How to get involved in the Move it for Mental Health campaign

Mind HK’s Move it for Mental Health campaign asks Hongkongers to exercise for both their physical and mental wellbeing and to be aware of the difference it makes. Participants can simply walk, do yoga, hike, dance or do any other form of exercise for just 30 minutes every day in February. Sign up here and you will receive information on Move it themed events and resources.

To get involved, visit www.moveithk.com to find out more, follow and like Mind HK’s social media pages, and create community-wide action by sharing their Move it for Mental Health experiences and encouraging others to join the movement with the hashtags #moveitformentalhealth #moveithk.

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