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Mums already have so much on their plate – it seems like the daily ‘to-do’ list gets longer, and then there’s the shopping list. As the kids grow, so do the clothes, and the need for the latest products. Mommylicious CLUB is an online shop with all the essentials for toddlers, babies and kids, catered especially for mums to help them choose the best for their beloved little ones.

The brainchild of a Hong Kong mother of two, Victoria Wu created Mommylicious CLUB as she saw the need firsthand to treat babies, and mothers, with care.

“The reason I called it Mommylicious is because I’d like to share my lifestyle and values with other mums, focusing on the mum’s wellness too, not only the baby’s,” says Victoria.

Kumon Educational blocks
1st Wooden Blocks, Kumon Toys Japan

Run by a mum with mums in mind

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, home to a large population of Hong Kongers, Victoria is now proud to call Hong Kong home.

“I came to Hong Kong to work after university, starting my first job as a buyer for MaxMara, where I worked for 11 years. I frequently travelled to Italy for buying trips, which I loved, as I have a real passion for fashion and merchandising,” she says.

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Victoria turned her extensive knowledge and background into Mommylicious after becoming a mother led her to create a new path.

“After my two kids were born, I had to step down a little bit, so I began thinking about building my own business. Starting Mommylicious has fulfilled my desire of working as a buyer, and sharing my expertise in selecting the best products for mums, babies and toddlers,” Victoria happily explains.

Victoria Wu and kids from Mommylicious

An easy and fun way to shop for mums

The online store showcases a wide range of merchandise, from bath and beauty needs for mum and baby, to health and home safety supplies for the whole family, sourced directly from recognised brands and distributors. There’s also a great selection of brands that are eco-friendly, certified organic and cruelty-free, including some that have never been sold in Hong Kong until now.

“We’re excited to introduce top brands to the HK market for the first time, including some of my favourites like Bubba Blue Australia, a very cute line featuring mattress covers, bath towels and cuddle blankets,” Victoria says.

Cuddle Blanket, Bubba Blue Australia
Cuddle Blanket, Bubba Blue Australia

Carefully selected, high quality, international brands

Choosing is the fun part, and the colourful photos and descriptions online make it easy to shop. For expectant mums, So Luxury, Shoosha and Matraea make wonderful skin care and tea products for her inner beauty, and to aid in a smooth pregnancy. Mommylicious CLUB also carries educational toys from Kumon Japan, STEAM products from IKSK France, and montessori books from ELF Culture Hong Kong.

There’s other must-have baby essentials, like the amazing Junju Banana Potty from Korea (a potty you can use at home for potty training and travel with), cute and practical bibs from Marl Marl Japan, and plastic-free thermometers from Babymate Taiwan. They haven’t left out home decor, as a baby’s space should be warm and cheery, so for that, there’s the Greego Lamp from Korea.

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Banana Potty
Junju Banana Potty

“I have personally used all the brands and products and liked them so much that I decided to carry them in my shop,” Victoria says.

Being Mommylicious is easy

Mommylicious CLUB works together with their customers, treating visitors like family. From hosting prenatal seminars to sharing groups for mums and babies, it’s more than just an online shopping experience.

“I call it a club because I want to build a community, so mums can share their thoughts and interests with each other,” says Victoria. “I’ve put a lot of care into building Mommylicious CLUB, sourcing the best products from across the world to offer the greatest assortment of kids’s essentials, maternity care and home decor products.”

Victoria has plans to expand and bring her passion project to her original home, with a Mommylicious CLUB opening soon in Canada. The new space in Richmond, British Columbia will be a relaxing and inviting two-storey environment with a little playground for kids to play in while mums relax. It will also include “Mompreneurs”, providing legal and accounting services to mums who want to start their own business and become an entrepreneur.

Montessori Books by ELF Culture
Montessori Books by ELF Culture Hong Kong

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