Find Inner Peace in Central with Enhale Meditation Studio

Enhale Meditation Studio, an accessible oasis centered on mindfulness, healthy living and overall wellbeing has recently opened in the heart of Central.

25 Jan 2019 — By Melanie Grosjean / Wellness
Enhale Meditation Studio

In the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Enhale offers diverse scheduling grounded in basic human wisdom, with each session led by a thoughtful class leader. Specialist classes and day-long workshops for specific tastes such as sound baths and intention-setting meditation, will be available alongside efficient 30-minute lunchtime detox sessions, meaning there is something for everyone at the new studio.

A longtime proponent of meditating, Founder Mira Christanto originally took up the practice over a decade ago, in order to combat a high-stress job at a prominent hedge fund, that often saw her working 15 hour days. Having found it enormously helpful in not only alleviating both stress and anxiety, but energizing her throughout the day, she now hopes to make the life-changing practice of meditation accessible to those faced with similar tensions.

“Meditation can enhance people’s capacity for dealing with life’s obstacles. Oftentimes, even the gift of switching off for half an hour is enough to elevate mood and restore calm. It can also be incredibly energizing,” says Christanto.

Combining the words inhale and exhale, Enhale nods to the art of breath work — the foundation of a fruitful meditation practice. “The concept of meditation can intimidate those unfamiliar with the practice. At Enhale we believe it all begins with a deep breath: the most natural action in the world.”

From 1 October 2018, Enhale Meditation Studio will offer up a broad range of classes from early morning until late evening, seven days a week. Classes can be purchased as part of a credit-based membership, or on a drop-in basis.


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