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The Hong Kong school system is notoriously competitive, which makes it challenging for parents to understand the whole process, especially when it comes to choosing the best-fit school for their little one(s).

This is where Top Schools comes in. Their goal? Supporting parents in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the United Kingdom to find the best-fit school.

What does Top Schools do?

Top Schools is more than an application factory. They are a team of education experts who will help to find a place for your child into the best fit school. Choosing the right school allows your children to grow into extraordinary and well-balanced adults. Securing a space is not always straightforward. Top Schools understands the intricacies and complexities of the system and relieves stress for busy parents and ensures the very best outcome.

How does Top Schools work?

Top Schools has a comprehensive portfolio of services on offer. The highly trained team will help you plan your child’s educational journey from pushchair all the way to high school. It all starts with a conversation so that both parties understand what to expect and the objectives. 

The Top Schools team will take time to learn all about your family and will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child(ren). Only then will the team be able to recommend a shortlist of possible schools and a strategy to get admitted into those schools. From here, Top Schools offers a few different options of varying levels of service, from a decision discussion all the way to scheduling private school tours.

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Some families prefer more assistance than others. To see a list of possible plans, click here.

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Assessments are one of the more common areas families seek assistance with. Top Schools can provide mock assessments and give parents  insight into your child’s cognitive abilities and their future academic success. 

The mock test familiarizes your child with the online platform and helps them understand the expectations of multiple-choice assessments. It will help build their confidence and make them ready for the entrance test. The mock test is particularly suitable for students aged between 7 and 17 years who will take cognitive ability tests such as the GL Assessment, CAT4, the 11+ or the MAP test.

Once the assessments and interview processes are complete, the schools will make their decision. The nail-biting verdict can be stressful for your entire family. Top Schools will liaise with the school directly on your behalf and guide you through the opportunities available to make an informed decision. 

More than a school advisor

With so many schools to choose from in Hong Kong, education practices can appear somewhat distressing. The schools are highly regarded, vetted and suit the myriad of nationalities based in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong International School, Harrow International School, ESF and Kellett School are just a few top schools that Top Schools has helped place children into. 

Top Schools can provide support throughout your child’s education. They are willing to be on hand to provide in-school support or mediation if you find that any issues remain unsolved or that you feel your voice isn’t being heard. Top Schools have access to some of the finest online tutors from the United Kingdom. If necessary the team can guide you to find and hire a tutor that can truly help your child progress. They also have a database of caring and professional nannies who can support your family’s needs. 

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Meet Top Schools

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