Back in April 2023, the Hong Kong government announced a 1-year lease renewal for the iconic Fringe Club, as opposed to the usual five-year periods. The art platform has faced uncertainty since its previous operators retired in 2022.

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Further to this, the current operator, The Hong Kong Festival Fringe Ltd, announced last week that they have successfully confirmed a three-year lease renewal at the same historic location.

Align with government policy on East-meets-West cultural exchange

Since September 2022, the Fringe Club has re-started its mission to bring innovative, cutting-edge, avant-garde, and non-mainstream art to its exhibition and performance spaces. It is also dedicated to aligning with current government policy to develop Hong Kong into a hub for East-meets-West artistic exploration and cultural exchange. In this regard, new elements and programming will be incorporated into the Club’s annual activities, including a city-wide Fringe Festival, talent incubation and art-tech incubation programmes, coupled with cross-genre showcases and Chinese culture at the premises. 

In their proposal, they presented an innovative and comprehensive plan aimed at preserving and revitalizing Hong Kong’s rich cultural legacy. The plan also seeks to nurture and promote emerging local artists, while fully embracing and responding to the desire of the contemporary arts community in Hong Kong to interact with artists from Greater China and beyond.

Two new board members including Mrs. Regina Leung Tong Ching Yee

They have also announced two new members joining their Board of Directors: Mrs. Regina Leung Tong Ching Yee and Mr. Gustav Mak Ka Lok. Their extensive expertise in NGO management and invaluable insights into the future positioning of Hong Kong’s creative industry are believed to further strengthen the Club’s ability to foster creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence in the city.

The heritage building at No. 2 Lower Albert Road, known for its unique architecture and historical significance, will continue to serve as a creative epicentre for visual artists, performing artists, and musicians to showcase their talents. An event-based external lighting and projection system is set to transform the Club’s façade walls into a captivating visual spectacle, marking its ongoing commitment to promoting artistic expression and its importance in the city’s cultural landscape.

Header image credit: Fringe Club

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