The giant rubber ducks that underwent a sea trial at Tsing Yi last week will officially be on display at the Central and Western District Promenade of Victoria Harbour on June 10. The exhibition will mark the 10-year anniversary of when a 16-metre-high inflatable rubber duck first came to Hong Kong in 2013 as part of Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman’s Rubber Duck Project.

When the project first came to Hong Kong 10 years ago, it was on view for a month between May and June and drew more than 8,000,000 visitors. It deflated mid-way through its time in the city, but was reinflated five days later and returned to its spot on Victoria Harbour, where it was on display.

The Rubber Duck was first created in 2007 by Hofman and has visited Amsterdam, Sydney, Osaka, Seoul, Taiwan, and many other cities around the world. The design was inspired by a rubber duck made by a Hong Kong company called Tolo Toys.

The size of the ducks varies, depending on the city they are in. This year, the two ducks in Hong Kong are bigger than the 2013 version, at 18 metres high. The organisers of the 2023 event, AllRightsReserved, have not revealed for how long the ducks will be at their Admiralty location this time.

The route map for the Rubber Duck Project exhibition.
The route map for the Rubber Duck Project exhibition (Screenshot from Double Ducks)

Header image credits: @doubleducks_official via Instagram

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