What is HIT45?

I jumped into a class with LA based trainer Carmela Mondello as she showed me the ropes.

Made up of both cardio and strength moves, each class consists of free weights and body weight floor exercises interspersed with intervals on eco-friendly treadmills. Don’t let the word friendly fool you, these machines are tougher than the usual treadmill as you’re using your own body weight to power the movement. Imagine running uphill in sand, if you like.

The good news is that the intervals are manageable, because with HIIT training you’re working hard for short bursts before switching it up and working another muscle group or using a different modality.

How Hard is it Really?

This class is easily adaptable to your fitness level. Can’t sprint on the treadmill? Just walk it out, which believe me is still challenging!  Since classes are led by qualified personal trainers, you’ll want to let them know before the class about any injuries you’ve got or special requirements so they can adapt any of the moves as needed.  You can increase or lower your weights for the floor section. The key is to keep challenging yourself. If you cruise along you won’t get the results you’re hoping for so make sure you consistently strive for intensity in class.

Who Goes?

This studio is going to be a winner with busy young professionals who want to sweat hard, work hard and get pumped before hitting a night on the town or heading to the office. Think dark, atmospheric lighting, loud uplifting music and LKF so close you can smell it and you get the idea.  (New moms this probably isn’t the workout for you, soz.)

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Want to Try it Out Yourself? 

There’s no membership or joining fee so you can simply book a spot and try a class. Packages are available so you can commit to your workouts!

Contact HIT45 at www.hit45hk.com or visit 1/F Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

Elle Kealy is an international business coach for fitness health and wellness professionals looking to launch their businesses with a bang and women’s fitness expert, personal trainer and nutrition coach helping women around the world eat better and feel fantastic in just 90 days or less. For more information on working with Elle visit

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