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The Hong Kong Palace Museum is celebrating its first anniversary by unveiling the fifth rotation of treasures on loan from the Palace Museum, which are on display in Galleries 1, 2, and 5 for a three-month period until September 2023.

Most of the 51 treasures in this rotation are being seen in Hong Kong for the first time, including two Grade-one national treasures—the ewer in the shape of pine tree by the renowned Ming dynasty bamboo carver Pu Cheng and the brush pot in the shape of a Chinese cabbage by the famed Qing dynasty bamboo carver Feng Xijue. These two exceptional pieces are on display in the exhibition “The Quest for Originality: Contemporary Design and Traditional Craft in Dialogue” in Gallery 5.

“Seal of the Empress” with box and paraphernalia, is one of the national treasures going on display (© The Hong Kong Palace Museum)

In Gallery 1, the exhibition “Entering the Forbidden City: Collection, Architecture, and Heritage” features the newly arrived “Presenting the Empress’s Investiture Book and Seal at the Hall of Union” from The Grand Imperial Wedding of the Guangxu Emperor, which features the only known surviving gold seal of an empress with the inscription “Seal of the Empress” in the Palace Museum Collection.

“From Dawn to Dusk: Life in the Forbidden City” in Gallery 2 showcases “The Maze” from Twenty Views of European-style Mansions in the Garden of Perfect Brightness, a set of prints showing the magnificent scenery of the imperial garden Yuanmingyuan of the Qing dynasty and the integration of European and Chinese painting styles and landscape architectural features.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum also announced that, starting from July 2023, free admission to Galleries 1-7 will no longer be offered on Wednesdays. The Museum will ensure that the most effective support is given to members of the public, including underprivileged groups, to continue to enjoy its exhibitions and events.

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For more details of the exhibitions and ticketing, please visit the HKPM website.

Header image credits: The Hong Kong Palace Museum

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