Eleven-year-old Adrian Li, a Hong Kong boy who lives in the UK, got the highest possible score on the famed Mensa IQ test — beating Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s scores in the process.

Li scored 162 on the test, which put him in the top two percent of test takers and made him eligible to join the prestigious Mensa Society — the world’s largest and oldest high-IQ society.

Li — who moved to the London borough of Barnet in 2022 with his family — is also the top one per cent of people across the world with this high score.

According to UK media reports, Li could read the word ‘university’ out loud when he was just two years old and began reading the ‘full text’ versions of his favourite Star Wars books when he was in kindergarten.

He also began writing novels when he was eight years old, which he calls the Monster Quest series. The budding author is currently writing a book about Ancient Rome for teenagers.

In September, Li will start attending Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet, one of the most elite secondary schools in the UK. He hopes to become a cardiologist and get a degree from Cambridge to become “the best doctor in the world”.

Header image credits: Rachel Lau via MyLondon

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