Hong Kong is the sixth-best Asian city to live in for expatriate employees, according to the 2023 Mercer Quality of Living rankings. The city ranked No. 77 on the list that comprised 241 cities. Vienna topped the list in this year’s edition of the list, while Singapore emerged as the highest-ranking Asian city at No. 29.

The top half of the list featured mostly European cities, with seven locations in Western Europe featuring in the Top 10 alone. However, there were nine other Asian cities in the Top 100: Yokohama (No. 47), Tokyo (No. 50), Osaka (No. 58), Nagoya (No. 63), Seoul (No. 81), Taipei (No. 82), Kuala Lumpur (No. 86), Taichung (No. 95), and Busan (No. 95). Major Mainland Chinese cities that found places on the list include Shanghai (No. 109), Beijing (No. 126), and Guangzhou (No. 132).

The top 10 cities on the Mercer Quality of Living list.

Mercer’s Quality of Living ranking uses criteria such as political stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, socio-cultural environment, and the cost of living. The index uses this year’s 40th ranking location, New York City, as the base city in comparing the factors taken into account for the global ranking. The data for this year’s rankings was analysed between September and November 2023.

The last time Mercer put out a Quality of Living Index was 2019, when Hong Kong placed No. 71. However, when the consulting firm revealed the results of its Cost of Living City ranking this year, Hong Kong was deemed the most expensive city of 2023, followed by two other cities that ranked higher on its Quality of Life index: Singapore and Zurich.

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