Hong Kong employees are the most stressed in East Asia, according to the State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report, which evaluated several factors that affect workers around the world. The report — which surveyed an average of 1,000 individuals in each country or area — found that employees in the SAR feel the most stress, worry, anger and sadness in East Asia.

In Hong Kong, 54% of respondents said they feel stress every day, compared with the rest of the world (44%). Among the other countries surveyed in East Asia, China came in second on the stress index at 50%, followed by Japan (43%), South Korea (38%), Taiwan (33%), and Mongolia (18%). The report also stated that employees in East Asia feel the most stress.

Hong Kong employees reported feeling daily worry (40%) and daily anger (25%), which topped the global responses of 37% and 21% respectively. However, the city’s daily sadness index stood at 18% compared with the rest of the world (23%). Only 13% of respondents said they were likely to move, as opposed to the global response of 20%.

The study, which was conducted by US research organisation Gallup, found that stress among the world’s workers was at an all-time high. While this year’s study saw declines in overall worry, sadness and anger, they were still higher than during pre-pandemic times.

Earlier this year, Hong Kong topped a list of the most expensive cities in the world. The list, which compared prices of goods and services across more than 400 cities worldwide, cited the strong Hong Kong dollar and inflation as the main reasons behind the city’s No. 1 ranking.

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