Hong Kong households’ monthly median income went up 2.9% to HK$28,300 in 2022 from HK27,500 in 2021, according to a report by the Census and Statistics Department. The report also found that women outnumber men in the city, with a sex ratio of 839 males per 1,000 females.

The report, titled Population and Household Statistics Analysed by District Council District 2022, provides district-wise information about the socio-economic characteristics of Hong Kong’s population, except for inmates of institutions and people living on board vessels.

The median monthly household income for economically active households — families with at least one earning member, which comprise 77.6% of all households in Hong Kong — was HK$36,200, up by 3.42% from 2021.

Median monthly household income by District Council district and type of households for 2022.
(© Census and Statistics Department)

While there were more domestic households in New Territories districts such as Kwun Tong, Sha Tin and Yuen Long, Central and Western (HK$42,300) and Wan Chai (HK$41,800) on Hong Kong Island had higher median monthly household incomes than other districts.

Hong Kong has dropped in the rankings of the most expensive cities in the world, but the city is still the least affordable housing market. Official data also suggests that underlying consumer price inflation will likely increase by 2.5% in 2023.

The government hopes to boost the GDP — which contracted by 3.5% in the previous financial year — with a consumption voucher scheme in 2023, by which residents will get e-vouchers worth HK$5,000 to spend at retail and F&B outlets in the city.

In addition, while Hong Kong’s sex ratio is skewed in favour of women, more males than females are part of the city’s total labour force (3,776,300) across districts.

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