Five illustrators from Hong Kong have come together to hold an exhibition to commemorate Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. The artists will celebrate their memories of the iconic restaurant — which was towed away from the Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter in June 2022 — at a digital art exhibition at Aberdeen Centre.

Artist Pen So’s depiction of Jumbo Floating Restaurant (© Pen So via Facebook)

The exhibition, titled Our Jumbo Story, will run from September 3 to October 4, 2022. The works by the five illustrators — Chocolate Rain, Felix Ip, Messy Desk, No Paper Studio and Pen So — showcase their distinct artistic styles and invoke a sense of nostalgia about what was once the largest floating restaurant in the world.

Some highlights of the exhibition include No Paper Studio’s work, which takes inspiration from the film God of Cookery that was shot at the restaurant. Felix Ip’s work reimagines the restaurant as a transforming robot.

Chocolate Rain’s depiction of Jumbo Floating Restaurant (© Chocolate Rain via Facebook)

Visitors to Aberdeen Centre who spend $300 or more via electronic payment can redeem two lanterns featuring the illustrations. Those who spend $150 or more can get a set of postcards of each artist’s work.

Header image credits: No Paper Studio and Felix Ip via Facebook

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