The Hong Kong Observatory revised its forecasts for minimum temperatures in the city to 6 degrees Celsius on January 23, and reported that the mercury dropped to -2.4 degrees in Tai Mo Shan overnight. The city’s meteorological body also reported ice at Hong Kong’s highest peak.

ice hong kong january 2024
The Hong Kong Observatory shared images of ice sightings in Tai Mo Shan.

On Monday morning, the observatory issued its first cold weather warning of 2024 and forecast that temperatures would range between 7 degrees and 10 degrees on Tuesday. However, authorities updated their forecast in light of the “intense winter monsoon and upper-air disturbance” that is affecting the city, as well as the strong winds with speeds that could exceed 40km/hr.

Observatory officials also warned that, “the temperature felt by [the] body will be lower than the actual air temperature”. In addition, the Hong Kong Fire Services Department urged residents of the city not to go hiking in hilly areas as it is raining and ice may form on the ground.

hong kong temperatures january 23 morning
Temperatures in Hong Kong range between -1.6 degrees and 8.3 degrees late Monday morning (© Hong Kong Observatory)

The cold weather and rainy conditions will continue until the middle of this week, and temperatures will hover between 8 degrees and 16 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. The weather will gradually get warmer from Friday, and settle at a low of 18 degrees early next week.

For the latest updates on the weather in Hong Kong, visit the Hong Kong Observatory website.

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