Hong Kong’s Best Craft Beer Bars

It's a craft beer revolution in Hong Kong at the moment! Every few weeks we hear of a new brewery popping up, a new craft beer being launched and existing breweries expanding. There is no better time to be a hop head in Hong Kong than now! The question is where? In this post we roundup the best bars selling local, made in Hong Kong craft beers.

22 Jun 2017 — By Virginia Chan / Drink / Taste
best craft beers in Hong Kong

Here are the top 7 places/bars in Hong Kong to try out local craft beer. One for each day of the week. Cheers.

Kowloon Taproom

Kowloon Taproom

Kowloon Taproom

This bar has a really nice vibe and we love that they always have local beers on rotation on their taps. As you may have realised from their name, they are located on the Kowloon side, so that’s one more reason for peeps to leave the Hong Kong Island side (you islanders!).

Address: Shop A2, G/F, Astoria Building, 24-38 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀亞士厘道24-38號地下A2號舖
Photo Credit: www.kowloon-taproom.com


TAP: The Ale Project

TAP: The Ale Project

TAP: The Ale Project

Anybody that’s a craft beer enthusiast in Hong Kong would have heard of TAP. They do one of the biggest selections of HK craft beer on tap and they also do half pints and paddles/flights as well, so you’re able to try multiple brews. Last time we were there, we were able to try the seasonal, “In the mood for spring” by Young Master Ales.

Address: G/F, 15 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok 旺角黑布街15號地下
Photo Credit: http://www.teerapat.com/





Recently opened, this place is right beside TAP in Mong Kok and they open earlier than TAP, and that’s how we managed to waltz in at 4:30pm on a Monday. Half their taps are for local brews and the other half are for international craft beers. The selection of local brews is a bit limited but we liked that they had the more underdog craft breweries in Hong Kong. When we were there, they had Lion Rock and Kowloon Bay on tap with several different brews from each brewery. No half pints here though. Cheers mate!

Address: G/F, 13 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok 旺角黑布街13號地下
Photo Credit: orenjiwan from Openrice


The Beer Bay

This one isn’t exactly a bar; it’s located between Central Ferry Pier 3 & 4 so it’s awesome if you’re at the Central Ferry Piers waiting for your ferry to Discovery Bay, Cheung Chau or the Star Ferry. The selection is pretty amazing and so are the prices so it’s a great for a spur-of-the-moment, on-the-go beer.

Address: Central Pier 4, Star Ferry, Central 中環中環4號碼頭
Photo Credit: tkhunt.com


The Roundhouse Taproom

People always talk about the menu here – which is on an iPad so it’s a bit of a fun experience. They have about 25 taps and a 6 beer paddle/flight is available. We love paddles, because you’re just able to try a lot more before getting drunk. The food we can’t really vouch for, because we mainly come here for the drinks. If you’re looking for a great selection of craft beers, you won’t go wrong with The Roundhouse Taproom.

Address: G/F., 62 Peel Street, Soho, Central 中環蘇豪卑利街62號
Photo Credit: http://currybadger.blogspot.hk/


65 Peel

Close to The Roundhouse Taproom is 65 Peel. When said fast, their Chinese name is meant to mean, “It’s f*cking good” so yes, the second character kind of sounds like a swear word. They’ve got a, seriously diverse and kick*ss local craft beer menu from even the very local brews, such as Citybrew to the newest breweries, such as Heroes. Another great hoppy hour spot.

Address: G/F, 65-65A Peel Street, Soho, Central 中環蘇豪卑利街65-65A號地舖
Photo Credit: http://www.asia-bars.com/


HK Brewcraft

Just because you want craft beer doesn’t always mean you always have to go to a bar, so why not try some local brews from the comfort of your own home instead? HK Brewcraft has an online store and their retail store is located right next to the mid-level escalators. Also, Gweilo beer is readily available at most Park n Shops in Hong Kong. We were at HK Brewcraft for a Beer Brewing workshop and this place is a homebrewer’s delight.

Address4/F, Cochrane Commercial House, 15 Cochrane Street, Central 中環閣麟街15號國麟大廈4樓全層
Photo Credit: divergentthink3r.wordpress.com


Which bar is your favourite for local craft beers? If you’re interested in not only trying at least a dozen craft beers (yes, a dozen!) from several of the best local breweries, but also getting VIP treatment and behind-the-scenes access into the brewery themselves to learn about the beer brewing process, you’re in luck! Over at Humid with a Chance of Fishballs Tours, they have just started their very own, first-of-its-kind, Local Craft Beer Brewery Tour! If you’re interested in more than just drinking craft beer, but really learning more about the grain to glass process, and all the local breweries behind the industry, don’t miss out. Let’s keep the Craft Beer Revolution strong in Hong Kong!

Virginia is a tour guide by day at Humid with a Chance of Fishballs Tours, creative blogger by night at The Smoo Diaries and avid traveller by weekend. Virginia is a proud Vancouverite now in Hong Kong exploring all corners of Asia. She’s currently discovering her Asian roots – one flight, one noodle and one Canto slang at a time. *slurp*

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