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Anima Tokyo, the long-awaited anime paradise and largest Anime Experience Centre, is opening in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui on Canton Road on April 29. Grandly occupying almost 80,000 sq. ft., the centre will feature a number of pop-up shops and anime merchandise stores with over 4,000 items, ranging from exclusive must-haves to collaborative creations and brand-new products.

Anima Tokyo will also serve as a promotional space for movie releases, new games and other special product releases, as well as special exhibitions, which include many beloved classic anime series, such as the iconic Japanese animation Mobile Suit Gundam (known as 機動戰士高達), Chibi Maruko-chan (known as 櫻桃小丸子) and Astro Boy (known as 小飛俠阿童木), evoking childhood memories for many fans. Anima Tokyo is committed to indulging all anime enthusiasts in the joy of this captivating and expressive art form without having to travel to Japan, as if stepping into one’s own personal “Akihabara”.

A One-Stop Anime Wonderland

anima tokyo entrance inside tst

Anima Tokyo features multiple exhibition zones designed based on manga concepts, with every corner a must-visit photo spot for anime fans. Upon entering the ground floor, visitors can’t miss the towering two-storey giant display screen showcasing the brand story, major IPs, and exhibition trailers. The product shelves on the wall are decorated with comic book-like designs, seamlessly integrating manga and animation, and showcasing the charm of contemporary Japanese anime culture!

pokemon trading card game

After passing the large screen at the main entrance, visitors immediately enter the stylish Rainbow Tunnel, inspired by the speed lines in manga, where rare Pokémon game cards are displayed, allowing visitors to witness these rare items up close, as well as taking photos in the Rainbow Tunnel as a memento. The ceiling and display cabinets also incorporate elements of manga panel layouts, with a black-and-white palette and polka dot decorations, highlighting the unique characteristics of each IP.

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Inaugural “Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition”

fullmetal alchemist exhibition

To celebrate the soft opening, Anima Tokyo is bringing the classic masterpiece anime Fullmetal Alchemist exhibition to anime fans, which can be found on the 1/F Anima Tokyo. The exhibition area spans around 10,000 sq. ft, showcasing over 300 exhibits and collections, including scarce collectibles such as costumes and props used in the “Fullmetal Alchemist 2022” live-action film.

10 Japanese Eateries

In addition, Anima Tokyo’s Michelin-starred team has created the large-scale retro Showa-era dining arcade, Showaki Food Town on the 2nd floor, spanning over 30,000 sq. ft with decor and a design recreating the classic features of the 1940s to 1980s Showa era, from rustic wooden walls to nostalgic lighting fixtures, everything embodying the aesthetic essence of that time.

japanese eateries anima tokyo

“Showaki Food Town” brings together 10 distinctive Japanese eateries, each with a menu carefully designed and managed by the Michelin-starred team. The concept shows off authentic classic Japanese cuisine, including the live seafood specialty “Kaihōsuisan”, the artisanal sushi “Sushiai”, traditional Japanese dining “Tendori Izakaya”, authentic ramen “i Ramen”, a pastry shop helmed by a former Hong Kong 5-star hotel bakery chef at “Momoko Bakery Studio”, and the Japanese whisky bar “Takumi Whisky Bar”. 

Location:G/F – 2/F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Soft Opening Date:G/F & 2/F: April 29, 2024 (first day of business start from 2:00 pm)1/F: April 29, 2024 10am (Ticket holders on the first day must enter from 1/F)
Opening hours:– Anima Tokyo Store (G/F): 10 am to 10 pm
– Anima Tokyo | Incubase Arena (1/F): 10am to 10pm
– Showaki Food Town (2/F): 11am to 10pm
– Takumi Whisky Bar (2/F): 4pm to 2am
Contact:Ticketing︰9319 0184 (Whatsapp)
G/F: 2722 0366
2/F: 2722 1466

Image Header Credit: Anima Tokyo & SPRG

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