What is Mozaic?

Mozaic is a new online and offline social networking club tailored to the 40 plus age group here in Hong Kong. They host a variety social events for members, covering a diverse range of activites from hiking, cultural trips, wine tastings, dinners, junks and more. Mozaic’s founders, Jacqueline and Carol, are passionate about helping Hong Kong’s over 40s to connect with each other, broaden their social networks and enjoy the very best that Hong Kong has to offer.

Mozaic Club Burgandy Wine Tasting
Mozaic’s Burgandy Wine Tasting Event

Can You Relate to This?

‘Empty nesters’ the world over experience difficulties with dwindling social circles, but the problems are compounded among expats. It’s highly likely that many of your expat friends will start jumping ship through the 40s and 50s and heading ‘home’ or to retire elsewhere. Those of us left behind face an ever diminishing social group. Likewise an expat arriving here in her 40s or 50s will find it tougher to make new friends than her 20-something equivalent will. So where should Hong Kong’s over 40s head to meet like-minded friends and broaden our social networks?

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Start a New Social Life in Your 40s, 50s, 60s & Beyond!

We love Mozaic’s concept because the 40s-60s age group are perfectly placed to get out there and enjoy all that HK has to offer.  Often at this stage of life we have more free time on our hands than in our 20s and 30s, and a spirit of adventure doesn’t come with an age limit!

I spoke to Jacqueline and Carol to find out all about Mozaic Club and how to get involved.

Carol & Jacqueline from Mozaic
Carol & Jacqueline

Do you think it’s tough for people in the 40+ age group to meet new friends?

Yes, that’s been our own experience, and we think it’s a common thread in many people’s lives. As our children leave home, some people divorce, are widowed or people retire and leave HK, it seems to be harder to meet new friends outside of the work environment. You can live in a city with 7.0+ million people and still feel disconnected.

This is what inspired us to develop our idea of a social club for HK residents over the age of 40. Our mission and goal for our eClub is to connect HK people over 40 and offer enjoyable events, activities & travel perfectly planned for them.

Mozaic's Cyberport Junk Trip
Mozaic’s Cyberport Junk Trip

How will Mozaic Club help me expand my social network?

Mozaic will simplify your social life, and bring you the best that Hong Kong has to offer. We run a variety of events for our members to cater to a range of interests, where they can meet like-minded people and interact with them in a very organic way. We take care of all the planning, so all you need to do is choose an event and then come along with an open mind and be ready to relax and enjoy.

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Members can also connect via our online messaging service, whilst feeling confident that their personal email address and phone number are kept confidential until they’re ready to share them.

tour of Kowloon Walled City with Jason Wordie
One of Mozaic’s historical walks – Kowloon Walled City with Jason Wordie

What kind of activities do Mozaic offer?

Each month members will have a minimum of ten events to choose from, these might range from a historical talk, perhaps with a cocktail before-hand, or a sports activity could finish with a breakfast or lunch.

Junk trips are always popular. A nighttime harbour cruise with a DJ for dancing or a daytime Junk trip with water activities are great ways to get people interacting.

We personally love cultural events, and we always arrange a meal or drink during the intermission so members can chat. And we know we have many wine lovers among our members, so we plan wine tastings with educational talks from the featured vineyard.

Organic wine tasting dinner
Tasting New Zealand Organic Wines

Who plans the events?

We have a lot of fun with this, we’re both constantly surfing the net or reading local newspapers for new and different experiences to develop into events for Mozaic. We develop our ideas together and bounce off each other and the rest of our team during brainstorming sessions.

When we plan events we aim to make it as natural as possible for our members to get to know each other and make new friends, so we try to build in a socialising opportunity to every gathering.

I’m nervous about turning up alone… how do you take care of first timers?

Nothing to be nervous about, as either one of us or a Mozaic Guest Relations Officer will be on hand to make sure all of our members feel comfortable and welcomed at every event, activity or travel.

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Mozaic Club at La Paloma
Mozaic’s salsa event at La Paloma

Is Mozaic Club primarily for single people?

No, Mozaic is for everyone! The only criteria is that you’re over 40 years old and a HK resident. If you’re single, you will meet other single people but, many couples join our events too to meet other new people.

What’s the best thing about life as an ’empty nester’ in Hong Kong?

Being an empty nester in HK allows us to once again focus on ourselves and explore different experiences, meet new people and expand our social network and focus more on your partner enjoying life together or meeting a new partner. Mozaic gives you many options and opportunities to get out there and explore everything that Hong Kong has to offer.

Join Mozaic

If you’re ready to meet new people and sample some of Mozaic’s social events, you can reach Mozaic via their website here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Mozaic membership is $588 for 3 months, $988 for 6 months of $1,888 for a 1-year membership and includes access to their online social network and events program. Events are individually priced. Click here to find out more.


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