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Learning Time provides learning kits for 0 to 5 years old, designed by childhood education experts. The kits contain play essentials that help children learn age-appropriate skills at every stage of development. Learning Time follows a strict learn-through-play philosophy that allows young ones to learn naturally through fun interactions. Each of the toys focuses on cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development. All their toys have also been safety tested according to international safety standards. 

Learning kits to guide your child’s growth 

The founding company of Learning Time, Tutor Time, which operates bilingual English and Mandarin preschools in Hong Kong, has been educating children with the same philosophy of learning through play for well over three decades. Each of their educational kits is designed with your child in mind, helping them grow and develop at different ages and stages. Add-ons are available to the kits too. 

Early Learning Kits, for newborns up to 2 years-old

The Early Learning Kits is a development program for newborn babies up to two years old. Delivered to your home every two months, they allow your baby to learn through visual stimulation, touch, sound and play. Each kit contains various interactive tools that are suitable for your baby’s age. They encourage your baby to grab, touch and feel, while providing opportunities for crucial bonding time with caregivers. In addition, various soft toys made from diverse fabrics, wooden toys, and books help to stimulate early brain development through play.

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School Essentials Kit, to bilingual literacy and numeracy skills

The School Essentials Kit is a supplementary learning tool used in Tutor Time Hong Kong’s Nursery program to stimulate early bilingual literacy and numeracy learning. It is an essential home-learning resource to encourage your children between one and a half to three years to follow instructions, learn how to concentrate and pay attention, and develop school readiness skills.

It is a perfect kit to prepare your child for school. The kit contains bilingual flashcards, memory games, books and a smart pen that will help them learn to read and count in English and Chinese. There are also activity guides for caregivers, and a comprehensive guide to child development that includes the latest research and tips.

story books for kids
educational kits for kids
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Storytelling Kits

The Storytelling Kits is a theme-based English learning program for children between two and a half to five years old. The kit stimulates the development of the English language through storytelling and themed activities. Various interactive toys and materials encourage your child to practice reading comprehension, pronunciation, and more. In addition, each kit includes a set of video tutorials that teach parents about important learning concepts and activities that they can do at home. 

Kits designed by early childhood experts

Tutor Time International Nursery and Kindergarten is a global leader in providing solutions for early childhood education and parenting in the US and in Hong Kong.

tutor time campus
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In Hong Kong, the 5 preschools embrace a fully-immersive Chinese and English curriculum and provide education through innovation, creativity and most importantly, play. Their fully trained early learning teachers strive to offer your child a one-of-a-kind educational experience that will set them up for a life of success. At Tutor Time, play and interaction are essential tools to ignite your child’s love for learning. 

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Tutor Time is a pathway that provides readiness for international and locally acclaimed primary schools across the city. Their experienced teachers understand that each child is unique and focus on their individual interests and strengths. Their classes always incorporate active and hands-on play to stimulate self-expression. 

Research consistently shows that children who perform the best in school also have a great support system at home. By combining Learning Time’s age-appropriate kits with Tutor Time’s powerful curriculum, you and your child will not only have fun but reap the rewards of over three decades of educational research.

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