These new school openings and expansions to existing schools will be welcomed by parents looking for international school places in Hong Kong.

(This guide was written in October 2016)

New Schools

American School Hong Kong (ASHK)

exterior of American International School Hong Kong
American International School

A non-profit, non-denominational school, American School Hong Kong (ASHK) by Esol Education will offer an accredited American education delivered by North American teachers. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Esol Education currently serves over 10,000 students, operating a total of nine international schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Nicosia, and Aley. The school is open for Kindergarten through Grade 6 for 2016-2017 academic year, and will evolve to a full-scale K-12 school, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP) and the US High School Diploma and Advanced Placement options.

What makes ASHK unique?
ASHK is the first international school in Hong Kong offering the common core US curriculum with a strong focus on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programme.

Annual Tuition Fees:

KG2:  HK$137,500
Grade 1 – 4: HK$159,000
Grade 5 – 6: HK$169,000

Optional depreciating debenture of $600,000
Opened: August 2016


Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK)

Library at Malvern College Hong Kong
Plans for the library at Malvern College

Malvern College Hong Kong (“MCHK”) will be located in Tai Po in close proximity to the Hong Kong Science Park, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Institute of Education. This will be Malvern College’s fourth planned international school and comes after the successful launch of Malvern College Qingdao in 2012. The school will initially offer 380 primary places, rising to a capacity of 960 places once full and will offer an International Baccalaureate curriculum. It will be open year groups 1 to 9 for the academic year 2018-2019. The school also plans to launch a scholarship programme for students from socially underprivileged and ethnic minority backgrounds with outstanding academic performance. Applications are now open and entrance assessments will take place in November 2017.

What makes Malvern College unique?
Malvern College will reserve 90 percent of places for foreign passport holders. Inheriting the ethos from Malvern College with its 150-year history, Malvern College Hong Kong will develop an effective and strong pastoral system. There will be a mandatory chess programme for the development of higher-level critical thinking, and mandatory debate and public speaking for effective communication.

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Annual Tuition Fees:

Years 1 – 6: HK$148,000
Years 7 – 9:  HK$173,000
  • Annual Capital Levy: HK$38,000 per annum (subject to EDB approval). Students who are covered by an Individual Nomination Right (INR) or a Corporate Nomination Right (CNR) are exempted from paying the Annual Capital Levy.
  • Corporate Nomination Right (“CNR”): HK$3,500,000 *A child nominated by a CNR holder gains first priority of admission provided that he/she satisfies MCHK’s admission criteria
  • Individual Nomination Right (“INR”): HK$1,250,000 *A child nominated by an INR holder, after CNR holders, gain priority in admissions provided that they satisfy MCHK’s admission criteria.
Opening: September 2018


Stamford American School

Cognita Schools, a world-leading schools group with over 65 schools worldwide, will open Stamford American School – Hong Kong in September 2017. This opening follows the huge success at Stamford’s Singapore campus, which today has a vibrant community of over 3,000 students from 65 countries. Stamford will deliver high standards for academic achievement and performance through a standardized curriculum for students 5 to 18 years old, graduating students with the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). *Stamford American School – Hong Kong will apply to the International Baccalaureate for program candidacy in December 2017.

What makes Stamford unique?
Stamford will offer specialist programmes across all subjects, including a problem-based Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMinn) Programme and a Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Reading Program. Stamford will also offer 2 daily choices in Chinese and Spanish – as well as a bilingual program in Chinese and English from age 5.

Annual Tuition Fees:

K – Grade 5: HK$165,900
Grade 6 – 8:  HK$182,100

Non-Refundable Capital Levy:

  • Option A: One-Time Capital Levy: HK$120,000
  • Option B: Annual Capital Levy: HK$30,000

The Capital Levy is mandatory for children who are admitted to Stamford without a debenture.

  • Individual Debenture: HK$500,00;
  • Standard Debenture: HK$2,000,000;
  • Platinum Corporate: HK$5,000,000
Opening: September 2017


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Shrewsbury International School

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong will be the second international school to be established by Shrewsbury School UK and will build further on their long-term successful sister school in Bangkok (opened in 2003). The new school in Tseung Kwan O will offer the National Curriculum for England and will be capable of accommodating more than 850 international students aged 5 to 11 years. Only 20 per cent of these places will be reserved for local children.

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What makes Shrewsbury unique?
The opening of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong represents a wonderful opportunity for the Shrewsbury School group to extend a first-class education and outstanding pastoral care to students in Hong Kong. Shrewsbury School has a longstanding reputation as one of the leading co-educational boarding schools in the United Kingdom.

For more information email


Expanding Schools

The Harbour School (THS)

The Grove Library at Harbour School
Plans for Library at Harbour School’s New Campus

On 332 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road facing the Aberdeen Harbour, THS’s new campus The Grove will be a welcoming environment of publicly accessible open space, with newly planted trees and an innovative building that invites community engagement. The Grove will be completed in three phases with the first phase finishing at the end of October 2016, second phase in February 2017 and the final phase in September 2017. The Harbour School offers an American-based curriculum with a strong emphasis on science, history, and social studies that develops problem solving and reasoning skills rather than encouraging children to memorise facts. The Secondary/High School opened through Grade 11 in September 2016, and will extend through Grade 12 in 2017. THS offers the US Advanced Placement (AP) based High School curriculum and there is a strong emphasis on 21st Century approaches to secondary education.

What makes THS unique?
THS offers a wide selection of extracurricular classes, with poetry, wrestling and pinhole photography among the most popular ones. Their students and teachers have won numerous awards and recognitions. In 2014, they won second place in Pearson’s “21st Century School Of The Year” Competition. THS is committed to a low student-teacher ratio, (1:7 in class) for all year levels, even in their high school. The range in class capacity is from 11-17 students, with the average class size at 14 students.

Annual Tuition Fees:

Pre-K & K: K$148,400
Grade 1 – 6: HK$160,600
Grade 7- 9: HK$167,900
Grade 8-12: HK$170,400
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Annual Capital Levy: All students not exempted by a debenture HK$25,000(non-refundable)
Family debenture: HK$400,000: The family debenture price is HK$400,000. Each family is required to purchase only one family debenture upon admission. A debenture exempts one student from paying the annual capital levy.


The French International School (FIS)

FIS will open a new purpose-built campus in Tseung Kwan O in August 2018. The school will be able to welcome 410 students from both International and French Streams and its goal is to reach its full capacity within 5 years. Its current campuses – three primary schools in Chai Wan, Sheung Wan and Jardine’s Lookout and a secondary school in Happy Valley – are all on Hong Kong Island. Together they cater for 2,600 pupils. FIS’ initiatives include welcoming the local community to utilize school facilities such as the gymnasium, auditorium, outdoor playground, swimming pool, running track; providing access to FIS Native English Teachers to teach English to local students during the weekends; offering a window to the French arts and culture; and sharing its eco-sustainability programs and botanical garden with local schools and neighbours.

What makes FIS unique?
FIS has a long-lasting history of operating in two streams: the International Stream and French Stream. The opening of this new campus will help build a culturally diverse community and establish strong links with the local communities.

Annual Tuition Fees:
English Section

Kindergarten: HK$114,242
Primary: HK$114,242
Secondary: HK$147,132-HK$184,038

French Section

Kindergarten: HK$100,288
Primary: HK$100,288 – HK$96,589
IB: HK$124,873 – HK$152,786

Bilingual Section

Kindergarten: HK$109,815
Primary: HK$106,731 – HK$109,815

Debentures: Individual: $90,000(mandatory upon admission), or Company: $250,000 (priority).
New Campus Opening: September 2018

Anne Murphy is Director of the School Advisory Services, operated by ITS Education Asia. She started the school services over nine years ago. Prior to this she was a teacher, an educational administrator, and worked at all levels of education, from nursery school through university. Anne and her team guide parents through the Hong Kong School system to place their children in the most appropriate and sought-after schools in Hong Kong. You can contact Anne on 2116 3916 or email

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