Motorists from Hong Kong can drive private cars into Mainland China starting July 1 via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Applications for the scheme, called ‘Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles’, can be submitted from June 1.

During the first week, only 200 applications will be accepted per working day, while only 300 will be approved per working day during the second week. The quota for approved applications will be gradually increased later.

Applicants must first enter a computer balloting system from May 29-30 at the earliest, the results of which will be released on May 31. Those who clear the balloting round can submit applications for the scheme within a designated date and time randomly allocated by the computer system starting from 9am on June 1.

Those who are interesting in applying for the scheme should have valid driver’s licences for private cars from Hong Kong and Mainland China, and should get their vehicles checked at designated vehicle examination premises in Hong Kong. Motorists from the SAR should also get “unilateral recognition” insurance policies issued by Hong Kong insurance companies that cover Mainland vehicular insurance requirements.

Once these criteria are fulfilled, there will be no requirement for private car owners from Hong Kong to get their vehicles inspected once they enter the Mainland or to get separate insurance from across the border.

Both the Mainland and Hong Kong governments have said they will impose a daily limit on the number of private vehicles that can travel north under this scheme, but have not yet released the figures.

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