Ocean Park Hong Kong recently opened its newest animal exhibit area: Sloth and Friends Studio. Visitors can meet two of the park’s sloths, Sonic and Ying Mok, and view them up close.

Every day at 3pm, an animal caretaker will bring out one of the sloths and show park visitors how they are fed and reveal interesting facts about how sloths live.

In addition, the park’s caretakers will also bring out ball pythons, which can change colours, as well as kinkajous (a tropical mammal nicknamed the “honey bear”) and macaws every day at 12pm and 2pm.

Visitors can see kinkajous and sloths up close at Ocean Park Hong Kong (© Ocean Park Hong Kong via Facebook)

One of the highlights of the Sloth and Friends Studio is the IUCN Red List-themed art gallery with AI paintings of extinct species like the Western Black Rhinoceros and the endangered red panda.

Visitors can also create their own AI art by entering simple commands on a tablet available to them in the gallery and generate an animal-themed painting.

For more information on the new exhibit, click here.

Header image credits: Ocean Park Hong Kong via Facebook

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