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“Sleep is the best meditation” once said the Dalai Lama and Okooko, Heveya®’s official distributor, has all of the answers to finding the right slumber-guaranteed bedding that will give you the best night’s sleep. Rest peacefully knowing that they have made the right choices for the environment with organic materials that boast FSC, GOLS, and GOTS certifications.

Their luxury eco-beds and softest bedding will transform your nocturnal bliss forever.

More than a bedding brand, a socially responsible company

Okooko is passionate about the environment and the brand strives each day to make the world a better place by encouraging young adults to dream big and be empowered by education and positive experiences. Selecting sustainable materials and working with charities is in the DNA of Okooko and its director, Stefan Magnus, who is involved in various projects.

 Sumba Hospitality Foundation

Sharing the same values as Sumba Hospitality Foundation, a charity located in one of the most breathtaking but poverty-stricken regions in rural Indonesia, Okooko sponsors students in attending school. SHF is committed to coaching its students about the importance of protecting their environment for future residents and visitors.

The Happy Mattress Project is an extraordinary project supported by Okooko, Heveya®, Karma House and Yogi Lab. Together, they support families that are unable to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for their children. It’s well known that sleep deprivation can lead to behavioural problems, so they have pledged to provide 333 beds in 33 days. More than anyone, Okooko understands the importance of a good night’s sleep.

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Happy Mattress Project

100% organic beds for dreamy nights

Heveya® mattresses are made from hevea brasiliensis or latex
Latex sourced from rubber trees to make the Heveya® mattresses

Okooko wants you and your family to sleep worry-free and as healthily as possible. They’ve researched the most comfortable, organic, and Fairtrade products for you. Extensively. All of the Heveya® mattresses are made from hevea brasiliensis or latex. Latex is a natural product sourced from rubber trees. The white milky fluid is painstakingly collected and then processed to make the mattresses that you sleep on.

Organic latex is strictly regulated and grown in carefully chosen plantations that do not use harmful chemical fertilisers or pesticides. All Okooko latex mattresses and pillows are certified by Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Heveya® mattresses are layered and breathable, making them ideal for the humid Asian atmosphere, and you know how the weather is in Hong Kong.

You can choose from a range of personalised slatted bed bases that are considerately built to support Okooko mattresses. The slats can be tensioned to offer soft, medium or firm lumbar support. The combination of the mattress and the bed base gives you optimum support for contented rest. The bed bases are made from FSC certified beech wood.

Heveya® bed with bamboo sheets
FSC-certified bed base
Ergonomic motorised slatted bed base
High quality slats and frame made of FSC-certified beech wood
FSC-certified bed base

The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit voluntary organisation that sets certain high standards to ensure that forestry is practised in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner.

To enhance the perfect slumber, Okooko has the softest collection of organic sheets and pillowcases. The Heveya lyocell bamboo sheets are blissfully silky and comparable to 1000-thread count cotton sheets. The bamboo is eco-friendly and grown on FSC-certified plantations and is WRAP-certified so that you know it comes from an ethical and responsible source.

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Meet Okooko

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