Free Daily Online Dance Classes in Hong Kong!

A free online dance class for adults right here in Hong Kong.

16 Apr 2020 — By Catherine Stewart / Fitness / Wellness / What's On
Twinkle dance online class

Keep Moving Through Covid-19

Movement is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing during this Covid-19 crisis. How about adding a dance class into the mix? Twinkle Dance has created LIVE online Adult dance classes, as well as online classes for Special Needs students to encourage everyone at home to dance, groove and keep their bodies strong and mobile.

Daily Free Adult Dance Classes – Open to Everyone

The Director of Twinkle Dance, Ms. Twinkle, is passionate about sharing her love for dance, which is why she’s decided to share free daily online dance classes from Monday to Friday. The classes vary from Ballet to Contemporary, and even Barre Sculpt, keeping things fresh and vibrant. Twinkle Dance understands the limitations of space and equipment, so there’s no need for a large space, mirrors, or barres, all you need is a chair and the passion to move!

Free Online Dance Classes for Special Needs 

Giving back to the community, Twinkle Dance is also holding free online dance classes for special needs students. Creating a safe, warm and creative environment, our online dance classes will allow students to feel comfortable dancing, while encouraging artistic expression through movement.

Class Info

Time:           Monday to Friday
Length:        30-45 minutes
Schedule:    Update on every Friday
Fees:            FREE

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Free Live Stream for SEN students:


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