Capture Family Photos Like A Pro With A Little Help From Jill Carter Photography

Do you have an DSLR camera, but don’t know your aperture from your ISO? Confused by the myriad of settings, dials and buttons? Like many families, we have a fairly expensive DSLR Camera (the Canon 500D), but a camera can only do so much in the hands of a novice. With two small boys always on the go, we managed OK photos, but very often the good shots were more due to luck than skill.

Well help is at hand thanks to Hong Kong based photographer Jill Carter.  She specialises in capturing beautiful photographs from bumps to babies and beyond, and now you can capitalise on her skills and expertise in a three hour intensive photography lesson.

Familiar with Jill’s work following a mini-shoot and a big fan of her style, we decided to try her unique three hour lesson, designed to equip a novice photographer with the skills and techniques required to start taking gorgeous shots of our own.

Jill usually conducts the lesson at your home, where for the first hour she demystifies the jargon and techniques required to balance the requirements of lighting, shutter speed and aperture. Presented in simple terms, and with ongoing demonstrations to explain how each adjustment affects the photograph, the first hour taught me more about using a camera than any instruction manual ever has!

The second hour involved the participation of the two smallest family members who were the models for a mini-shoot. The kids were relaxed and found the experience of being in front of the camera great fun, which I’m sure is due to how easy and enjoyable Jill makes the shoot. We were able to compare our photographs with Jill’s throughout, and she advised on all the adjustments necessary to make sure that we ended the hour with some absolutely fantastic photographs.

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The final hour of the session involved editing the images. Even the best photographers need to make adjustments to their photographs, and with a few tricks and techniques, a good image can be transformed into something worthy of finding its way to the mantlepiece. You do not require any complicated software, Jill used our almost vintage macbook with iPhoto and showed us how best to crop, tweak light levels and balance the images we’d taken.

The transformation in our technique in just three hours was staggering, and the final images are testament to that. As part of the package, Jill also provides you with her images from your mini-session, so we ended up with around 40 beautiful images, that are now proudly displayed at home and at those of our families overseas.

The three hour session is HK$3,000 and includes a selection of the best of Jill’s photographs in high resolution and if you “LIKE” her Facebook page, she will give you a 10% off discount on the lesson price.

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