Pinnacle Performance – Not Your Average Workout

“1… 2… 3… 4… … … is that 6? … … erm, 9 … yeah, that’s me done”

Is that the familiar sound of your internal monologue whilst trying to fight off the negative effects of life in the 852 in the gym? Good, glad its not just me who occasionally zones out. If you’re anything like me, the battle is getting the gym kit on and convincing yourself that you can put the blackberry down for long enough to get the heart rate up and hopefully the waist line down, not what and how you are doing it when there.

Imagine if instead of this, that you could have a bit more support, maybe even think about why it is that you are exercising…. and heaven forbid, what you would like to aim at. Help is at hand; Pinnacle Performance has arrived in Hong Kong and it might be the key to unlocking your inner Olympian.

Set-up by Tom Summers, an internationally accredited strength and conditioning coach with masses of experience from working with international standard athletes, Pinnacle  isn’t quite your standard pay-your-money-and-take-your-chances fitness centre, it’s about maximising your efforts to achieve your goals.

Every member spends time working through what they want to get out of their training. The Pinnacle  team then develop a program to best achieve that. Then, instead of leaving you to your own devices, the team stays involved making sure that you are working right, be that on your own or in one of the many group sessions. Divided into three tiers of competency, each of the Group Development Sessions offers a suitable coaching environment for either beginners (‘Principle’ sessions), intermediate level participants (‘Clinical’) or advanced athletes (‘Pinnacle’).

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Whilst each session will no doubt get your heart rate up, the focus is on training right, not just as hard as you can. The team focus on an individual approach to getting stronger and fitter, correcting any imbalances or weaknesses, together with enjoying your training.

We’ve tried it. It works. If you’re serious about achieving a goal, even if getting ready for the beach season, Pinnacle  will help you get yourself there quicker and keep you motivated along the way.

For more information, contact Tom Summers at Pinnacle: or 2469 2000 or visit their website

7th Floor, Morrison Plaza, 9 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai

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