Pizza Hut Hong Kong has added a new autumn special to its menu: snake soup pizza. The franchise has teamed up with Ser Wong Fun — the century-old restaurant best known for its snake dishes — to create the dish, which is a fusion of modern fast food and traditional Cantonese cuisine. The pizza is priced between HK$186 and HK$209, depending on the crust type, and will be on the franchise’s menu until November 22.

The toppings of the special pizza include ingredients used in Ser Wong Fun’s famed snake stew — snake meat, black mushrooms and Chinese dried ham, paired with cheese and diced chicken. The other toppings are dried tangerine peel, shiitake mushroom, ginger, bamboo shoot, chrysanthemum and lemongrass. The nine-inch-pizza also uses abalone sauce as a base instead of the traditional tomato sauce.

Snake stew is a popular winter dish in Hong Kong, as it is believed that snake has medicinal properties that help warm up the body, boost blood circulation, and improve the skin. Snake soup is typically made with two types of snakes, the most popular being python and water snake. The snake meat is shredded and boiled with other ingredients — such as chicken, pork bone, lean meat, fish maw, fungus, ginger, lemon leaves and other spices — before being stewed and seasoned with salt, pepper, and dark soy sauce.

snake soup ser wong fun hong kong
Snake soup, such as the one sold at Ser Wong Fun, is a popular winter dish in Hong Kong (© City Foodsters via Flickr)

Ser Wong Fun, which opened in Guangdong in 1895 as a street stall, has been in Hong Kong since 1940. It is also known for its preserved Chinese sausages, which are used in local dishes in winter. The restaurant has also created a special Double Flavour Preserved Sausage Pizza as part of its work on Pizza Hut’s new menu, which has two types of sausage toppings, as well as a sausage-filled crust, and costs HK$179.

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Header image credits: Pizza Hut

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