Organising a junk party can be exhausting. Thinking of when to go for the trip, which boat to choose for the best ride, what to eat and drink during the day, what to wear, and looking after the basic necessities to take along to a junk can be time consuming. But never fear, we’ve investigated and here’s everything  you need to know to organise your next junk trip like a boss.

9 items you need to bring to your junk party

So, you’re getting ready for your favourite outdoor trip during summer? With your closest friends and relatives in your plan, who are also looking forward to the sun soaked, fun filled day that will be spent sailing on the sea? Your perfect day of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city will only be enjoyed to the fullest when you are  prepared and loaded with the basic necessities needed to make the trip go with a bang.

junk boat at sea


Make sure everything you need for your trip is carried in your bag and well organised to ensure you are comfortable and equipped with all necessities. Opt for a bag that is big enough to contain everything you want to carry which includes scarves, flip flop slippers, swim wear, towel, clothing to change and sun protector such as hat, sunglasses, umbrella and sun blocks. It is an added advantage to carry a waterproof bag to keep your gadgets dry in case you get yourself involved in some water splashing.

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You will spend a day on the sea and you know better than anyone else that the Hong Kong weather can be changeable. Better to make sure your belongings are safe from the water.


You know for sure that your shirt and trousers is not ideal for the boat, even if you experience a trip on a cloudy day. Yet, you can’t have a junk trip without jumping in the water so make sure that you have your best swimsuit, that video of your jump might end up on Instagram!


Scarves are needed in a number of ways on your junk trip. Remember that it can be windy off the coast. You can wrap them around you just as a sarong or cover up, they can also prevent your hair from being swept by the wind when it is wrapped around your head and will keep your shoulders from getting burnt due to the harshness of the sun.


Keep your towel handy to keep beads of sweat off your face and dry your body after enjoying the coolness of the water.


After a fun day in the water,  comfortable clothes to change into, before disembarking the boat, is a must to carry along in your bag. I’m sure you don’t want to spoil the fun of the day by catching cold by wearing wet clothes all the way home!

Flip Flops

A waterproof flip flop or footwear is second to none for boating activities. It’s easy to wear and pull off and it can prevent you from sliding on the deck. It can be wet and drinking can make you less cautious. Better to stay safe during junk trips.


Your sunscreen, umbrella, sunglasses and hats are needed to shield yourself from the harshness of the sun, especially from reflections from the sea to boat while on board.

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Food and drinks

You can opt for catering services for your guests, almost every junk company offers this service, or you might also decide to make your own arrangements with plenty of drinks and beers to wash down the fun all day. Most of the junks are on from 10 AM to 5 PM so make sure you have the necessary snacks and drinks to stay hydrated and full.

seafood at hong kong restaurant


Entertaining your guest is a major part of the party which is not to be overlooked.

  • Remember your cameras because every perfect moment of the party is worth being captured.
  • Speakers are also a must, to keep everybody moving.
  • Games are often forgotten, but definitely add to the fun, lovers of scrabble, monopoly or draught will want to take turns in playing too.

3 things you need to know before the junk party

There are certain things you need to know while preparing for your junk party trip.

Information about the schedule of the regular day

Junk boats depart from Sai kung or Central either in the morning at around 9 am to 10 am or evening, if you are going for an evening trip with dinner. For instance, SEA-E-O Boating offers Victoria Harbour cruises to watch the Symphony of Lights, which can be a great opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner with delicious Hong Kong food.

hong kong harbour view at night

You can ask to be taken to certain destinations, but options depend on the junk company, the captain of the boat and of course the weather. While Sai Kung and Stanley bay are common destinations of a good number of junk boat companies, you can discuss with your agent to go around Lantau Island, Lamma Island or Po Toi Islands, which might be a quieter area to enjoy your junk trip.

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Information about packages

You should make enquiries if the boating trip package comes with supplies of food and drinks because most of the boating companies will arrange this as an additional service. Some companies provide you with catered food or even cook a fresh meal for you on board while others can arrange for you to have a tasty seafood lunch on Lamma island for instance.

Information about safety

Junk parties are definitely a lot of fun but security should be your priority:

  • Watch out for the jellyfishes while in the water, a sting will cost you redness of skin, but when you steer clear of them, they will not come your way. You can have some mixture of rice vinegar, lime and ice on board in case there is an emergency.
  • Some motion sickness pills can also be taken one or two hours before boarding. Some people don’t know that they will be sick, once on the sea, especially if it’s a wavy day.
  • Jumping off the deck and sliding is thrilling but stay safe first. Do not slide carelessly, especially when you have had some alcohol, and kids should be watched carefully.
  • Remember that junks are not equipped with septic tanks, so the proceeds from the toilet flush into the sea. If you happen to encounter some toilet deposits while swimming, get away as quick as you can, it might not be an pleasant experience at all.

So, ready to organise your next junk party like a boss?


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