Whether you are looking to immigrate and start a new life outside of Hong Kong or just shift locally to a new apartment, moving is never easy. Collapsing your life into little cardboard boxes can be daunting and emotional, and so we have created a list of all the movers that can help make this transition simple, safe, and secure. Prices are not always upfront as each relocation can look different, ranging from moving offices to uprooting to another country. But it’s easy and free to ask for a quote, so don’t be afraid to reach out to multiple movers to get the best price!

Local movers

The following moving companies specialize in local moves. Scroll down to find our breakdown of international relocation companies.

Asian Express

Certified by the FIDI Accredited International Movers, Asian Express has over 44 years of relocating experience, particularly in the Greater China region. They can attend to your every moving need from fine antiques to pianos. For local moves, within Hong Kong, not only do they manage the entire process, but they also have additional services such as handymen, carpenters, and cleaning. Across China, their extensive network provides the same standards of care and attention no matter the location.

Contact: +852 2893 1000, hongkong@aemovers.com.hk


Gogo Vans can be used not just for helping deliver your latest online shopping order, but they offer great moving services as well. If you prefer to pack by yourself, you can get great deals for delivery starting at just HK$55! You have the option of three sizes of vehicles, the Van (max 700kg), the 5.5 Ton Truck (max 1.3 tons), and the 9 Ton Truck (max 3-3.5 tons). To help you move, you can borrow carts for just HK$10 and also negotiate with the driver for support. This is a great, affordable option if you are willing to do some of the hard work yourself!

Contact: +852 3590 3399, info@gogox.com

IKA Removal

IKA Removal is known for their per-piece moving charges, offering an affordable and reliable service if you are relocating within Hong Kong. With prices ranging from HK$15 for a carton, HK$70 for dining tables, HK$120 for a display cabinet to HK$200 for a King size bed, you can easily calculate what the total cost would be. This relocation company also offers a range of extra services such as dismantle and assembly, full packing and unpacking, and garbage disposal. So whether you are moving a small piece or your whole life, IKA removal can help you!

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Contact: +852 2323 2233 or +852 9172 9229, info@ika.com.hk


Similar to GogoX, you can book a Van, 5.5 Ton Truck, and a 9 Ton Truck to move your items across Hong Kong. With minimum charges starting at HK$50, HK$135, and HK$239 respectively, it’s a steal to move your furniture. You can also request your driver directly to help with the loading and unloading. And if you have a long laundry list of tasks to finish, you can also rent by the hour, with a minimum of three hours.

 Contact: +852 3701 3701, info.hk@lalamove.com

International movers

The following relocation companies do both international and local moving. They are well-equipped to facilitate overseas relocations with special services like pet relocation, large furniture packing, visa applications, etc.

Allied Moving Services

As global movers, Allied has a network that extends to over 600 locations and assists in more than 50,000 moves each year, so you know you are in good hands. We love their moving checklist which can help you plan for the big move. Internationally, they take the stress out by handling everything from the complexities of language barriers, customs regulations, global security clearances and requirements, and more.  They also provide additional services such as storage, pet relocation, insurance and vehicle relocation.

Contact: +852 2736 6032

Asian Tigers Group

Asian Tigers Group has a network of offices across 14 primary commercial centres in Asia. They provide end-to-end relocation and moving services both locally and internationally. To ensure you have a hassle-free experience, they provide services such as visa, immigration, move management, home search and more. With CSR and environmental factors also being a key priority, they established a Tiger Action Fund in 2001, donating over US$625,000 and partnering with WWF to protect these creatures from extinction.

Contact: +852 2528 1384, info@asiantigers-hongkong.com

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations is here to make your relocation journey a breeze. They have extensive experience with international relocations and provide services throughout your move. With offerings such as home search, school search and preview, and orientation trips before your move, they take care of all the little details that make relocations stressful. They also provide intercultural and language training once you reach your destination. You will have a dedicated move manager to take care of all the steps from door-to-door.

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Contact: +852 2636 8399, hongkong@crownrelo.com

Going Moving

Whether you are moving within Hong Kong or relocating internationally, Going Moving will take care of all your logistics and transportation needs. With a presence across all social media platforms, you can easily get a quote within 5 minutes at the earliest. All you need to share is the name of the building and photos of the goods to be transported. Globally, they provide a One-stop Door-To-Door Moving Service including tax, customs and immigration support.

Contact: +852 3594 4466 or +852 5595 7455, admin@goingmovinghk.com


ReloSmart is known for its reliable, sustainable packing solutions. Their smart packing uses only the most high quality supplies in Hong Kong. Moreover, the moving company is dedicated to their green initiative which uses material responsibly sourced from sustainable softwood plantations. They also ensure that their packaging is reused and recycled. For international moves, ReloSmart offers storage for items you want to leave behind, pet relocation, and furniture moving services.

Contact: +852 2561 3030, enquiry@relosmart.asia

Santa Fe Relocation

With 96 offices in 47 countries, 120 years of experience and over 30 awards in the last decade, Santa Fe is a behemoth in the shipping and moving industry. For international moves they work with you to ensure each and every aspect is perfect, right down to the very smallest details. Their add-ons range from storage, to settling-in services, to pet relocation, to visa support. And as part of International Association of Movers (IAM) and the FIDI alliance of movers, you know their credentials are strong.

Contact: +852 2574 6204, hongkong@santaferelo.com

Seven Seas Worldwide

With operations across continents, Seven Seas is a reliable and customer beloved shipper and house mover. Their innovative solution, the MoveCube®, is a personal, small shipping container designed for both international and domestic moves. They leave a cube in one of three sizes with a starter pack, containing tape, bubble wrap, knife and more, at your doorstep, to be filled at your convenience and then delivered to your final location. They also specialize in international student shipping.

Contact: +852 2724 6698, customerservice@sevenseasworldwide.com

Swift Relo

Swift Relo is a leading provider of international and domestic relocation. Whether it’s a few boxes or a full apartment, they promise great prices and even better service. They are also partner with EcoMatcher to offset the environmental impacts of relocation. For each move, they plant a tree for no extra cost! They also offer a baggage service for when you just have a couple of extra boxes that need moving, the cheapest way to send a small shipment overseas.

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Contact: +852 2363 4008, contact@swiftrelo.com

Trade Winds Transport

Highly recommended by the expat community, the Trade Winds Transport movers are known for their hassle-free local moving business, although they do support with international projects as well. In terms of prices they are also known to be affordable, with one customer paying less than HK$6000 to move a big 3 bedroom apartment 20 km away. Some of the many other convenient services they offer include van hire, secure storage (both long-term and short-term), undesired item disposal, and professional packing.

Contact: +852 2803 2561

Unigroup Asia

As one of the leading global moving companies, Unigroup knows all the hiccups and stresses that come alongside an international move. So they have services that can support at each stage of the relocation. The movers work extensively with companies to help relocate expats with everything from home and school search, temporary accommodation, partner support and settling-in services. Most importantly, they assess the needs of each individual based on their personal circumstances.

Contact: +852 2418 4333

Yan Yan Movers

Serving Hongkongers since 1960, Yan Yan Movers provides an effortless moving process both locally and internationally. This relocation company also provides end-to-end service including free packing material, furniture assembly and disassembly, professional packers, and a dedicated account manager to support you through the process. For international relocation, Yan Yan Movers can help you with tedious tasks such as custom clearance, pet relocation and insurance. They have an extensive network in the UK and provide a seamless process for UK immigration.

Contact: +852 6822 7288 or +852 2388 6883, info@yanyan.hk

Wilcan Logistics Group

Wilcan, established in Canada in 1994 and has almost 30 years of international relocation experience. They provide one-stop solutions based on each individual needs with a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and affordable pricing. Their professional packers have received high standard training complemented with a dedicated English fluent team. They also provide personal LiftVan (wood crated box) in three sizes and small baggage service to provide convenient and hassle-free moving to the UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore, etc.

Contact +852 2898 3131 or Visit www.wilcan.com

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