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How is Resolar sunglasses making the world a better place? A team of Hong Kong, Italian and South African designers have re-invented how to reuse plastic waste by turning plastic bottles into beautifully designed, universally flattering accessories with their range of Resolar sunglasses.

Putting plastic bottles from Hong Kong’s beaches back into use

Shocked by the amount of plastic litter washing up on our beaches every day, polluting our seas and choking marine wildlife, two neighbours (previous executives in luxury retail and manufacturing business) in South Lantau decided to be part of the solution. 

Together, they established Resolar to partner with manufacturers that recycle plastic bottles, collecting, treating and processing the plastic debris into reusable materials which, in turn, are crafted into stunning designer eyewear. Three to four plastic bottles are used to make a single pair of sunglasses that are super-light and extra sturdy while being comfortable and perfectly styled.

collage of plastic bottles littering ocean and beach
Saddened at the sight of plastic waste on the beach, Resolar’s founders took action

Resolar’s Polaroid UV400 protection lenses provide full protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Cases are made from recycled paper and have a uniquely triangular shape which fold flat for optimally convenient travelling in a handbag, briefcase or suitcase. 

Timeless recycled product sunglasses for everyone in the family

Four ranges of sunglasses have been specifically developed for audaciously confident men, exquisitely elegant women and fun-loving kids. The Go Wild collection takes you on a safari tour (or accompanies you on one) with patterns, shapes and forms inspired by animal print. Globetrotter offers ladies contemporary and classic styles in definitive designs. Gentlemen’s Club is our take on singular sophistication. The Bambini collection is made up of colourful frames with hearts and waves for adventures in the sun that put smiles on the faces of the little ones.

female model wearing resolar globetrotter glasses
The Globetrotter collection
male model wearing resolar gentlemen's club glasses
The Gentlemen’s Club collection

The world is overflowing with plastic waste in our oceans, our rivers and our landfills. Plastic now clutters every part of our planet, from the deepest ocean trenches to Antarctica’s sea ice, posing health risks to marine animals, fish and seabirds. Each one of us has a responsibility to change our individual behaviour by creating less waste, reusing what we can and recycling as much as possible.

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This is why Resolar proudly donates US$1 of every pair of glasses sold to international campaigns for beach clean-ups and plastic litter collection from the ocean. Let us all join in the cause to reduce unused plastic waste and recycle, upcycle and reuse as much as we can. 

Savvy and sassy Resolar also takes the online shopping experience to another level with the Virtual Try-On feature, which helps you make sure you select the best shades to fit the shape of your face. Resolar has also invited a brilliant young musician to create four soundtracks for Resolar to accompany your browsing: one for the overall ambience and three composed for each of the main collections.

We suggest you sit back, relax and let Resolar take you into the wild and around the globe.

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