The Fitbit Versa is a versatile fitness band that works just as well for exercise enthusiasts or those just starting out on their fitness journey.  With a 4 day battery life, a user-friendly interface and mobile app, it’s a great way to increase motivation and boost your health and well being. I tried the latest Fitbit Versa and here’s what I thought.

Style & Comfort

Purple Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa with rose gold aluminium case and purple woven band

The Versa packs a tonne of features into a comfortable fitness band that’s both lighter and thinner than an Apple Watch. You can choose from three ‘case’ colours (graphite, rose gold and silver) and 5 standard bands (black, grey, pink, woven lavender and woven charcoal) to suit your personal style. For a more traditional look you can upgrade to a leather or stainless steel band.

Fitness Tracking & Coaching on the Fitbit Versa

The Versa covers all your fitness bases. Step count and heart rate are continuously monitored and you can keep a close eye on your activity levels both on the Versa band and via the mobile app for greater detail. The mobile dashboard is simple to use and the insights are both motivating and helpful in understanding your own fitness.  You can check out how much of your day is spent in the ‘fat burn’ or ‘cardio’ heart rate zone, calories burned, how many flights of stairs climbed, how much distance you’ve covered, and much more.

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Set yourself goals, for example number of weekly exercise sessions or daily step count target, and the Versa will keep track and (if you allow it) send you occasional motivating notifications. The Versa automatically knows when you’re engaged in aerobic activity, but more serious fitness fans can switch into exercise mode for more accurate tracking of runs, gym sessions or even swims. The Versa can also connect with Strava for GPS tracking of hikes and runs. And you can even access guided workouts and meditation sessions right there on your wrist!

Make your fitness routine more fun and bring out your competitive spirit by connecting with Fitbit using friends for fitness challenges. Or simply join one of the online community groups for support from like-minded Fitbit users.

Sleep Tracking with Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa’s detailed sleep tracking function offers fascinating insights into how much quality shut-eye you’re really getting. By monitoring your movement and heart rate the Versa graphs your time spent sleeping and breaks it down into ‘REM’, ‘Deep Sleep’ and ‘Light Sleep’ so you can compare your sleep patterns over time and with what’s typical for similar people (age and gender). If you need a little help then set sleep goals and a sleeping schedule and the Fitbit band will nudge you with notifications when it’s time for bed.

Other Features

If you’re watching your diet then you can use your Versa to track your calorie intake and monitor your weight loss goals. Also in the nutrition zone, you can use your Versa to monitor water intake (you input the data each time you take a drink) and it will remind you to stay hydrated. Female Versa users can  even use the Fitbit app to track their menstrual cycles.

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The Versa can also be used to notify you of incoming calls, to store music and to make contactless payments, so as well as improving your fitness it’s an all-round device for streamlining your life!

Find Out More

The Fitbit Versa is priced at $1798, find more details and purchase your Versa via Fitbit’s website here.

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