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I like taking photos. It used to be of exotic destinations around the globe when I could painstakingly wait for the perfect shot, but nowadays life doesn’t always lend itself to doing much more than hoping you turn the camera on and shoot before your kids stop smiling and start attacking each other. It’s also forget that you live in an incredibly photogenic city that transforms at night in a way that few places on earth do.

I recently had the pleasure of joining an evening photo class with Nina de Vries around central. We started discussing some simple theory of night time photography over a coffee before heading out into Soho. Whether you are a novice wanting to learn how to making the most of the manual features of your camera, or are an experienced user, it was very helpful to have a few broad pointers around some of settings to use. The main reason being that you very quickly start to see the results of making the changes and quickly find yourself responsible for some pretty (semi) professional shots, which makes you want to take more.

The tour that I was on worked slowly down from Hollywood Road towards the tram lines on Des Voeux Road, stopping at a number of interesting spots that Nina has found over the years. From here we proceeded to get the all-important car headlight trace shot (I may find these cooler than the population at large) before heading to the central ferry pier for shots of the HK skyline.

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Aside from learning how to use your camera better and getting some fantastic shots of Hong Kong, the course was a great evening to not only spend some time with your camera taking proper photos, but also to remind you that Hong Kong is a special place at night.

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