If you’re looking to spice up your summer wardrobe with fun and eyecatching attire, Rock Atoll (quite literally) has your back. Formed in Hong Kong in 2017 by a cheeky bunch of entrepreneurs, the limited-edition range of sleep, loungewear, and casual clothing is made from the softest fabrics that afford the wearer utter comfort.

Rock Atoll is all about how you feel. You know the feeling when you unexpectedly smile at a complete stranger, and it makes their day? Rock Atoll clothing creates the same effect. It makes you and others happy. The comprehensive range of men’s and women’s clothing injects fun and zany into everyday life. You’ll see racks and racks of beige shorts and other apparel lining the racks of clothing stores. But where is the fun in that?

(In)discreet shorts, loungewear and tees

Rock Atoll provides slightly wacky special edition collections of comfy clothing for men with colourful tops, shorts, boxers and pyjamas and women with tops, bottoms, pyjamas, dresses and bags.

Tiger & Floral Shirt
Flamingo Tee & Short
Palm tree printed short for men
Palm Tree Short

Pack your wardrobe with divinely named apparel and shine in the crowd by wearing a council of cats, flamingoes, sharkpedoes or more fruity attires for a vibrant day out in the fantastic nature that Hong Kong offers.

Whether you enjoy the sedate beach life or want to look great whilst wakeboarding, hiking or kayaking, the limited edition collections of fun Rock Atoll outdoor clothing are the answer. Indeed, something unique about Rock Atoll is that there will never be more than 50 pairs of shorts, pyjamas or tees available due to the short supply of each fabric design. So in a city of over seven and a half million, you’re guaranteed to stand out.

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And as summer is coming, if you’re looking for colourful tote bags or dresses, here again, they have something for your evenings with friends, your escapes in fancy bars,  or simply for your next junk party.

purple red floral mini linen dress
Purple & Red Floral Dress
tote bags for women parrot
Blue Parrot Tote Bag
red flower floral all over print linen dress
Linen Floral Dress

Sustainably cool togs

The Rock Atoll team wanted to ensure that they didn’t add to the ever-growing environmental footprint in Asia, and the brand is proud to embrace a sustainable manufacturing process.

We know that producing cotton puts an enormous strain on the Earth’s natural resources, animals, and people. We use low-waste cutting techniques that minimise textile waste. Our products are carefully made from deadstock fabrics which means we repurpose fabrics that would otherwise end up in a landfill site. The available fabric is often only available in small batches.

Cindy Chan, founder of Rock Atoll

Terrifyingly, millions of tonnes of unused fabric is disposed of in landfill every year. Not only can it take over 200 years to decompose, but the textiles generate greenhouse methane gas and leach toxic chemicals into our soil.

Although Rock Atoll appears to be nothing but fun on the outside, they have strong, intentional messaging on the inside. The company is dedicated to ensuring that its brand does not contribute to the overall fashion industry waste problem.

Rock Atoll has an easy-order online system, delivery is free in Hong Kong, and you can easily find a unique top for HK$100 or a cool dress for less than HK$400.

Are you trendsetting enough to wear a toucan, dragon, shark, or pineapple to your next weekend gathering or simply to gift a loved one?

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If the answer is yes, then head over to https://www.rockatoll.com/.

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