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Hip Hop was born in August 1973, a cultural revolution that took hold in the streets of New York City. Picture this: abandoned buildings and parking lots transformed into bustling epicenters, pulsating with the electrifying breakbeats curated by visionary DJs and MCs; B-boys and B-girls dancing on makeshift cardboard dancefloors, while graffiti artists unveil their masterpieces on walls.

Fast forward to 2023, Hip Hop celebrates its 50th anniversary and on 26th of November graffiti artist and popping dancer Samee Sam, joins forces with the newly opened multi-music hub, The Trilogy by Singular Concepts, for a tribute to the legacy of Hip Hop in the heart of Hong Kong!

Bringing the “Block Party” atmosphere to the rooftop of H-CODE in Central, a solid lineup of DJs, whose presence has shaped the city’s vibrant clubbing scene, will infuse the airwaves with an eclectic medley of Hip Hop, BreakBeat, Funk, G Funk, and New Jack tunes throughout the whole afternoon. Street dancers will immerse in cyphers of different styles such as B-boying, Hip Hop, Popping, and Locking. There will be live graffiti and beatbox performances, gravity-defying exhibition battles, freestyle battles and MCs spitting fire, all featuring homegrown artists from the block and beyond.

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2pmDoor Opens
2-7pmLive DJ Sets (Hip Hop, Funk, G Funk, New Jack) with DJ Fu/Tiga/Monsta Kei/Ceet/Mark T.
2-7pmLive Graffiti Painting with Jurc/Mais/Boms/Niny/Samee Sam/Souk/Ceet/Stern/Hazid
2-7pmCyphers for all dance styles (B-boyin’, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, etc.)
3-3.30pmBeatbox Showcase by Mixx/Ape/Freddie/Long Long
3.30-4pmExhibition Locking battle with For Funk’s Sake vs Party Gangz
4-4.30pmExhibition Hip Hop battle with Now’z vs Stan 是但
4.30-5.15pmApache Line + Exhibition B-boys battle with 852Underdogz vs Good Job Brother and Poos1 vs Manchoi
5.15-5.30pmPoppers Freestyle
5.30-6pmMCs Freestyle with Nick Cage/Velvet Elvis/Danny/Bad Bambino
6-7pmParty Dance

This is a unique occasion to revel in the immense diversity that thrives within Hong Kong’s lively Hip Hop community and the perfect Sunday afternoon to bask in the epic beats and infectious energy of Hip Hop.

When26 November, 2-7pm
WhereRooftop of H-CODE, 45 Pottinger Street, Central
RegisterRSVP via the QR Code/Google Form for entry (Free)

Header Image Credit: @demais.hk, @underdogz852, @djfu1 via Instagram

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