Seoul Metro will launch one-day and three-day passes for international tourists to get unlimited rides during these periods. 

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the passes will be issued from the second half of 2023. The one-day passes will cost HK$33.26 (₩5,600) and the three-day passes will be priced at HK$70.07 (₩11,800). The basic fare for a single ride on the Seoul Metro is currently HK7.43 (₩1,250). This will increase to HK$8.32 (₩1,400), according to local media reports.

In addition, Seoul Metro also plans to introduce luggage storage and delivery facilities between the airport and subway stations as part of its T-Luggage service. There will also be a “mediated interpretation system” to help international visitors communicate with subway station staff more easily in real time.

According to official government figures, more than 12,000 foreign tourists used the Seoul Subway system in the first half of 2023.

Header image credits: yiseok yang via Canva

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