5 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle, Habits and Body

Oh my goodness it’s the end of May which means that there’s still time (just) to whip yourself into summer shape in the next 8 weeks.

If you’re in a last minute panic about how to get buff for the beach and you’ve missed all of the Hong Kong based summer fitness programs on offer don’t worry, there’s still a program out there for you to have you feeling fantastic in a flash.  You just need to turn on your web connection!

Online fitness and nutrition coaching is on the rise so here’s a round up of the best out there. Just to add something extra into the mix, there’s also a recommendation for mums-to-be who’d like to shape up for the arrival of baby:


Having seen this recommended by lots of Hong Kong peeps I took a sneaky look at a friends account and I have to say I’m impressed. The system looks easy to follow, is good for beginners and offers daily home workouts that progress as you get fitter. Your unique nutritional requirements are sent to you and you get to make up your own meals to fit them, plus there’s daily lessons on how to stay in shape and eat better. This may not be the quick fix for summer but it’s a real option for long term change. Being part of a group keeps you accountable and gives you some moral support when things get tough.

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I’ve just started testing this app and so far so good. The app is free and with that you get daily short workouts using bodyweight exercises. The workouts are tailored to your goals and for a really reasonable price you can go premium and access meal plans to match your profile, making this a budget option for a total fitness and nutrition overhaul.

The downside is that it lacks the feeling of community and commitment that programs like Kenzai have. To get over this start 8fit with a friend and challenge each other to stay on track! The only thing I’d say is that if you have injuries or get stuck with anything an app isn’t going to give you the options and support you need like a trainer or program like Kenzai would. You get what you pay for.

Whole Life Challenge

Talking of getting friends involved and leaning on support, WLC takes it to the extreme and makes the whole concept a game pitching teams against other teams.  Taking exactly 8 weeks (the next round starts in September so this one’s a bit late for summer), I like this program because it focuses on creating 7 simple habits, one at a time. Research has shown you’re significantly more likely to succeed if you only focus on changing one habit at a time, so scientifically and pyschologically speaking, this program should work! Exercise combined with nutrition, support and mindful living. Brilliant.

Primal Blueprint

If you’re more keen on a nutrition makeover and have heard all the fuss about ‘Paleo’ then this program might be the key to kickstarting new habits. It’s essentially a 21 day plan to get you eating well and losing weight. I’m not paleo myself but I’m intrigued as I do believe this way of eating would lead to weight loss and health benefits for many of us. In fact, I think I may give this a go.

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According to Hong Kong blogger Lory from packofpacks.com, a local paleo guide, a newbie should give ‘old school’ paleo 21 days before tailoring the program, so this looks ideal.  The program also comes with workouts, access to their app to connect with others on the plan and daily emails to keep you motivated. Oh, and a poster.

Knocked Up Fitness

Expecting mums can also get in on the transformation challenges with this special pre natal 21 day plan. Included are daily workouts designed to prepare you for baby with nutritious meal plans. There’s an option to purchase an entire package covering pre and post natal fitness, or just one or the other. What I love about this system is that the meal plans for the ‘Busy Mom’ include meals you can feed the (older) kids too, so no more cooking a gazillion meals! On the downside the coaching calls with Erica are pre-recorded messages, however you also access daily email inspiration and support. There’s not a huge amount out there for the pre-natal client so this is great place to start even if it’s a bit old school.

If you’re a mama on a shoe-string budget of zero then check out the free prenatal fitness videos (emailed to you in an easy to follow plan) suitable for those in their second and third trimester with the fabulous pre-natal trainer Natasha Brown for Secret Saviours, an anti stretch mark underwear company. I can’t speak for the effectiveness of the underwear but the videos are a great way to stay mobile and fit for free this summer!

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Elle Kealy is an international business coach for fitness health and wellness professionals looking to launch their businesses with a bang and women’s fitness expert, personal trainer and nutrition coach helping women around the world eat better and feel fantastic in just 90 days or less. For more information on working with Elle visit


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