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Can you turn poo into stunning jewelry? How about turning elephant dung paper into beautiful, colourful bracelets? Online sustainability lifestyle platform Tong Fuker says yes, and they’re looking for your support to do it.

Long-time neighbours and residents of Tong Fuk, a tiny village along the southern coastline of stunning Lantau Island, Shirley and Charmain decided to combine their love for fashion and the environment with their own expertise. Shirley built her career with luxury brands in the retail sector, while Char knew the manufacturing and production side like the back of her hand.

Their vision and mission is loud and clear: to make sustainable fashionable.

Online sustainability shop’s unique environmental education initiative

tong fuker eco-friendly DIY bracelet kit
Tong Fuker’s fun eco-friendly jewellery initiative

Tong Fuker is currently raising funds to launch the production of Turning Nature into Treasure, an initiative which will help keep millions of stray plastic beads from DIY kits from circulating into the environment. We all know our children lose many of these beads when playing, which eventually end up in landfills or the ocean.

This is why we need eco-friendly, biodegradable beads, like ones made from elephant dung paper. Your backing is the magic that will enable this dream to become a reality. 

In addition, the crowdfunds will enable the printing of award-winning storybook Saving The Planet with My Poo, an educational children’s book about how elephant poo is being transformed into tree-free paper. The books will be printed at a paper mill where all paper is handmade from upcycled waste such as the book’s subject matter, as well as lemongrass and cotton rags. 

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Give back to the earth and the community

Tong Fuker’s other ambitions include making everyday mundane items into something fun – for example, kids look forward to brushing their teeth using engraved, personalized bamboo toothbrushes.

tong fuker biodegradable toothbrushes
The Kindness Toothbrush Initiative sees one toothbrush donated to the homeless for every one sold

The Kindness Toothbrush Initiative is one of Tong Fuker’s pilot programs to give back to the community. For every bamboo toothbrush sold, Tong Fuker donates one Kindness Matters bamboo toothbrush to ImpactHK, a group supporting the city’s homeless.

Incorporate sustainable practices into every day life

Tong Fuker would also like to make menstrual panties more accessible to everyone with a line of leak-free panties (starting at HK$120). The goal is to be able to introduce these to schools, so that teenage girls going through their transition can continue to lead a carefree life even during those inconvenient few days of the month.

recycled plastic beach bags from tong fuker
Durable, beautiful beach totes made from recycled plastic

But there is so much more. Beach bags made from recycled plastic that have been handwoven by ladies in East Java, super-absorbent beach towels also made from recycled plastic, eco spa kits with bamboo makeup-remover rounds, nail files, cuticle oils, body brushes and beyond. Enjoy the feel good, do good shopping.

Meet Tong Fuker

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