Fees at international schools in Hong Kong have risen by 8.5% since 2017, with the cost of an education at a private international school escalating to US$ 22,046 (HK$ 2.7 million). Hong Kong now ranks as the ninth most expensive country in the world when it comes to private schooling. Tuition fees for primary school students can range from HK$160,000 – HK$205,000 per year – but you don’t have to pay that.

Before you move on to learn more about these fees, the reality is that less expensive schools usually have fewer facilities. Many of the more affordable schools will not offer state-of-the art facilities, such as a 25-metre swimming pool or innovative learning labs and large auditoriums. That said, you should expect outdoor & indoor play areas and some sports facilities within any school. So it’s important to be reasonable and decide on your top considerations. Do you think fancy facilities with a price tag at a premium level is vital for your child, or an education which focuses mostly on the classroom is all that matters? Here’s our roundup of international schools in Hong Kong with annual tuition fees of under HK$125,000.


Discovery Mind Primary School (DMPS): The annual tuition fee for Primary 1-6 is HK$97,000 with an additional fee of HK$7,000 for the annual capital levy.

Delia School of Canada: Pre-Grade – Grade 5 ranges from HK$117,150 to HK$122,248 and a deposit of HK$11,715 is required upon acceptance of a place.

ESF Primary Schools

English Schools Foundation (ESF): The annual tuition fee for an ESF school has remained quite affordable despite the fact that the government withdrew their annual subsidy of HK$283 million in 2016. The school fees for the academic year 2019-2020 are as follows: (Years 1 to 4) –HK$115,800; (Years 5 to 6) –HK$98,500. Additional fees include: HK$10,000 deposit to secure a place and a one-off, non-refundable capital levy (NCL): Year 1(HK$38,000); Year 2 (HK$36,000); Year 3 (HK$34,000); Year 4 (HK$32,000); Year 5 (HK$30,000); Year 6 (HK$28,000)

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Funful English Primary School is a part of the Funful Group of Schools, which also includes Sear Rogers International School. Annual tuition fees are at the lower end of the scale at HKD 86,900 for Years 1-6.

Generations Christian Education operates the Norwegian International School and Island Christian Academy (IslandCA) (in collaboration with the Chinese YMCA).Annual tuition fees are quite reasonable at both schools. Fees for Primary (Year 1 -6) at IslandCA for this academic year, are HK$122,325. Additional costs include: capital levy HK$12650 and no deposit. The annual fee at Norwegian International School is even lower, HK$107,310 per annum.

HKCA Po Leung Kuk School: There is no annual levy, no debenture and no hidden costs. The annual fees are reasonable, in line with the charitable mission of Po Leung Kuk. The only additional costs are for field trips, some after-school activities, bus, lunch, stationery and uniform. The annual tuition for 2019-2020 is HK$100,200.

Japanese International School: Tuition fees also cover books, school excursions and resources.The total annual tuition fee for All Grades is HK$107, 850 with an additional fee of HK$15,200 for the annual capital levy.

Korean International School: The annual tuition fee for 2019-2020 is HK$105,000. Upon acceptance of a place, a non-refundable registration fee is payable which is HK$10,090.

Lantau International School

Lantau International School (LIS): LIS offers the lowest fees amongst all international schools. The annual fee for Primary 1 to Primary 6 is HK$83,500 for 2019-2020 academic year. An additional fee for the CCF (Capital Contribution Fund) is HK$25,050 and is completely refundable if a child leaves the school.

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Anne Murphy and her team of education consultants at ITS Education Asia, advise parents on every aspect of school admissions — choosing schools, applications, testing, and interviewing — nursery through high school. For more information, visit www.itseducation.asia.

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