Help Your Skin Beat the Heat, Air-Con and Pollution

That pollution! The humidity! And those freezing blasts from the air-conditioners! Hong Kong is not the most forgiving environment for maintaining healthy skin. But with a little help from the tips below you can be showing off your beautiful skin in no time.

1. Protect

Your skin needs a barrier from the elements of Hong Kong. Face lotions or oils need to be lightweight for the humidity yet moisturizing for the dry and cold indoor air. As for makeup, keep it pared down so you don’t clog those pores.

2. Relax

Hong Kong is a stressful place, but don’t let that show up in your face.  Massage away your stress with acupressure on your temples, forehead, and jaw. You can incorporate this step into your daily routine by massaging in your face lotions or oils. If you are already taking advantage of the Hong Kong foot massage scene, get some extra pampering by requesting a scalp massage too

3. Nourish

Beauty really does come from within.  Ensure that your diet contains plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein and healthy fats. Get yourself some bone broths for the rich mineral and collagen-boosting gelatin content. Antioxidants like those from green tea and nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E are great to reverse the ageing process, while fish oils and probiotics are classic skin health supplements.

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Skincare - diet

4. Stay hydrated

Your skin reflects the hydration levels of your body; long-term dehydration can lead to premature wrinkles. Quit the cigarettes and cut down on the coffee and alcohol. Replace it with fresh young coconuts for some electrolytes or kefir water for a probiotic boost.  Good old water can be enjoyed as is or enhanced with cucumbers, mint, or vanilla pods.Skincare - hydration

5. Cleanse

This is such a critical step in Hong Kong. Luckily, there are countless ways to achieve this.   A simple washcloth can do the trick all the way to specialized exfoliants, face washes, and scrubs.  If you want to outsource your skin care, regular facials are a great way to ensure your extractions get done. The important thing here is maintenance.  If the pollution does not let up, nor should you!

Skincare- cleanse

6. Detox

Externally you can supplement your routine with clay masks.  Bentonite and Rhassoul are lovely clays to draw out toxins stuck in your pores. Internally you can add some cilantro and parsley to your food, and fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar to your water.

Skincare - detox

7. Get some sun

A little sun is good for you, as the vitamin D you get is essential for healthy skin, bones, and moods. That being said, sun protection is essential when long sun exposure is inevitable. I am partial to covering up with hats and staying in the shade as opposed to slathering on chemical sunscreens but there are some great natural sunscreens out there too.

Skincare - vit d

8. Sweat it out

A good run, sauna session, or hot yoga class can all activate your sweat glands.  The extra circulation to your skin can speed up the detoxification process leaving your pores smoother and clearer. Your skin needs a good sweat once in a while; just make sure to replenish your fluids afterwards!

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Skincare - sweat

9. Sleep

We all know that the body heals itself when we sleep, but for some reason sleep is often the first thing to go when the schedule gets hectic. Make it a priority and your skin will thank you. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing!

Skincare - sleep

10. Facial Acupuncture

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in the right city! Facial acupuncture is a gentle and relaxing way to balance the Qi in your face and body. The treatment enhances facial muscle tone, evens and brightens the complexion, boosts collagen production and can even prevent wrinkles! What’s not to love?

Skincare- accupuncture

Dr. Joëlle Touchette Bradford is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor from Vancouver, Canada.  She lives in Happy Valley and works at both Stanley Wellness Centre and Holistic Central Medical Practice. Joëlle is passionate about assisting her patients on their healing journey, as she believes healthy living is the way to personal and global transformation.

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