Hong Kong began relaxing its strict anti-epidemic restrictions at the end of 2022. It most recently began allowing unvaccinated non-residents to enter the city and not enforcing home or hospital isolation for Covid-19 patients. Mandatory quarantine on arrival was also scrapped in September last year.

The only requirement still remaining to enter Hong Kong is the COVID-19 testing.

Except for arrivals from mainland China and Macau, all travellers above age three must take a RAT test (within 24 hours of flying) or a PCR test (within 48 hours of flying). They must keep a photo of the negative COVID-19 test report for 90 days.

Beginning on March 1, Hong Kong ended its indoor and outdoor mask mandate after almost 1000 days of mandatory mask-wearing. However, anyone entering a government-run hospital or healthcare facility must still wear a mask.

Header image credits: wonry via Pixabay

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