The iconic Tsing Yi bamboo theatre, a temporary structure that is put up every year in honour of the deities Zhen Jun and Tin Hau, will reopen from May 19-23 to commemorate the Tin Hau festival this year. The highlights of the celebrations are daily Cantonese opera performances and the numerous street food stalls outside the theatre.

The bamboo theatre made its post-pandemic return to the Fung Shue Wo Road Football Field, next to the Municipal Service Building in Tsing Yi, in early May as part of Zhen Jun’s (The True Lord) birthday celebrations. It featured Shen Gong Chinese opera performances that were staged every evening of the festival.

This time around, there will be twice-daily opera performances during the festival for Tin Hau (Empress of Heaven) – the first at 2pm and the second at 7.45pm – except for the first day, when there will only be a 7.15pm show.

The Tsing Yi celebrations for Zhen Jun and Tin Hau have been combined since 1961 as both events take place within two weeks of each other. Admission to the food stalls is free, but the opera performances are ticketed events.

Header image credits: FITGO via Flickr

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