Holiday at Home!

Hong Kong Greeters’ fun and easy-going guides are delighted to lead local guests on a series of insiders-only, limited-time tours, taking in the very best that our SAR has to offer as we all holiday at home this summer – no passport required!

Tai O
Tai O Village

This summer sees the launch of some exciting limited-edition tours aimed at local residents looking to immerse themselves in unique cultural experiences and exciting adventures, minus the hassles of international travel. An in-depth walking tour takes in the peaceful traditional fishing village of Tai O on Lantau, offering guests the opportunity to discover the area’s proud history and enduring connection to the sea. The knowledgeable, social team at Hong Kong Greeters are all specialists in their location and can’t wait to get back to showing guests another side to the city that we all know and love.

zoom rib ride
zoom rib ride

Meanwhile, those looking to get away from it all and soak up some serenity can uncover the mysteries of an abandoned island off the coast of Sai Kung, or learn more about Hong Kong’s deep-rooted traditions and customs on a trip to Sam Mun Tsai, that takes in a working fish farm and the stunning Tsz Shan Monastery.

Cheung Chau
Beach in Cheung Chau

For something a little more active, a walking tour of Cheung Chau with our guide Stephen, who grew up there, offers a fascinating glimpse into this outlying island’s past and present, with its car-free streets and adventure park, it also allows for optional cycle hire and extra family fun. Meanwhile, a guided tour of sleepy Aberdeen includes an adrenaline-pumping Zoom Rib ride – perfect for any thrill-seeker in need of their summertime fix!

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With an eclectic range of in-depth small group tours to suit all ages and interests, Hong Kong Greeters invite guests to explore more, and experience their very own hometown adventure this summer.

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