Here’s a crazy thought — if you take this period of downtime to unleash your inner artist, you’ll come out of it a winner. Here’s a crazier thought — you can start now.

Hang on! An “artist” in this case isn’t only referring to writers, dancers, singers, actors and the like. We are all artists because we create. Are you a barista? You create experiences that begin most people’s work routine. Are you a parent? You are creating a home and family foundation for your children. Are you a financial advisor? You are creating a personalised plan for your client’s financial goals. It is our innate nature to want to create things as a form of self-expression and to share them with the world.

So, why would we want to unleash the artist within us? The writer of Billions, Brian Koppelman, put it perfectly, “If you don’t follow your creativity and allow your creative impulses to die, a part of you dies as well.”

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Have you started to wonder what you were put on this earth for? Do the things you used to love doing not give you that same fire anymore? Does your life just feel…flat? Those are signs you’ve got some blockages that need to be released, and that is the first step to unleashing your inner artist.

There are as many levels of blocks that we can release as our psyche is deep, but here’s a two-step activity you can do right now.

  1. Walk without any purpose. Wake up, put on comfy clothes and shoes and walk. Don’t take anyone on this walk, no partners, kids, friends, dogs. Only you and your inner artist. Don’t give yourself any route. Just be in the moment and let your legs take you where they want.
  2. Come back home and write down your thoughts and feelings. You will be amazed how much would come out of it.
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My favorite time to do this is first thing in the morning, and I absolutely love walking in the rain. It really brings me back to my childhood.

If you would like to learn more about how to release the blockages that are deeper in your psyche, like your subconscious fears and insecurities, to help you improve your creative flow, join me in my course called Unleash Your Inner Artist.

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In the course, I will be teaching you methods I personally practice to help keep my flow unblocked in my journey as a creative director of a theatre company, an actress, and a new mom. Feel free to email me your inquiries at or simply message them on IG @krisp.production!

Written  by Kristina Pakhomova, an actress, writer, producer , founder and creative director of KrisP Productions, a Hong Kong Theatre Company that actively collaborates with playwrights and actors around the world and often conducts workshops for adults to further explore their creativity or interests in acting. Visit KrisP’s website at

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